Friday, 24 January 2014

Make your own deliciously bespoke pen pot!

On these bleak January days, it's lovely to have a plethora of crafty ideas to while away long afternoons indoors with or without children. Here's my idea for one such project - your very own gorgeously bespoke pen pot- that is quick, easy and adorably effective. 

All you need is:

A sturdy cardboard pot (step in Whittards Hot Chocolate!)
A strip of delicious wallpaper of your choosing
Spray adhesive

For the wallpaper, I've used Laura Ashley Roses in Cassis. It's a lovely Modern Country update on one of my favourite Laura Ashley patterns. Soft, country roses have been given a fantastic modern twist with the introduction of grey. Yum!
{and, shhh!, it's now half-price in the sale!}

Here what you need to do...

Cut a strip of paper about half an inch taller than your pot....

...and with enough length for about an inch overlap, folding over the top edge by half an inch. This isn't strictly necessary but gives a lovely finish. .

Following instruction on the can, spray on your adhesive (leaving the top half-inch untouched, if possible) and carefully apply the paper to your pot, with the excess above the rim. Snip down into the paper to a smidgen above the rim of the pot..... 

...this allows you to neatly tuck down the paper without any ugly creases. Give it a quick spray of adhesive and press each tab inside your pot.

Cut another strip just shorter than the height of the inside of your pot, with enough room for a little overlap, remembering to fold over the top edge.

Spray it with glue and place on the inside of the pot.

Pat yourself on the back! 

You've created a completely unique Modern Country pen pot!

Doesn't this Laura Ashley Roses wallpaper make you hungry for a review of the best garden book in the world EVER

Coming right up!

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Sarah said...

So pretty! Love the Laura Ashley paper as well - used to work in one of their stores in Florida! Have a great weekend! ;-) xo

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