Friday, 3 January 2014

Summary 2013: Interiors Progress

Welocme to 2014!
I hope you had a peaceful and wonder-filled Christmas time.

Let's start off by having a recap of Modern Country Style 2013. 
This is as much for me as for you! I love to look back each year to see what we've accomplished, before forging ahead with new plans, schemes and projects.

The year started off with the finishing touches to our Dining Room....which began life like this:

And magically metamorphosed into this:

We've been so pleased with the new and sparkling serenity of the room. 

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Then, the biiiiiiiiiiiig build of the year came....our builders were completely brilliant and worked valiantly through rain, snow...and on....and on....well into the summer.

The idea was to transform our thoroughly grotty shower room, which was tucked into the eaves, into a shower room haven and an office/guest room/living space...

Here's what we had to play with...

And now see the magic before your very eyes
without any of your stress building or money depleting! 
You lucky thing, you!

The beginnings of the shower room...

....which is now almost complete....

Just a few more accessories required to pull it all together....

All to be recorded right here...breaking news reported as it happens!
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We've moved somewhat more slowly with the second room. It needs to fulfil so many requirements that I want to get it juuuuuust right!

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Have you put your decorations away yet? I wait for the official twelfth night. I'd leave them up long after that, to be honest....I never tire of the incredible Good News of the season...

“The Christian gospel is that I am so flawed that Jesus had to die for me,
yet I am so loved and valued that Jesus was glad to die for me.”
Tim Keller

Now to pull together all the craftiness that's happened on these pages over the last year....

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Alison Agnew said...

love the bathroom!

we are just finishing our downstairs bath
and did the same subway tiles
with a sandyish grout

can't wait to be done!

happy new year to you!

Nancherrow (formerly Stuff and Nonsense)

chris said...

Your new shower room is amazing...your attention to detail is paying off. Wishing you a lovely 2014. xoxo

Unknown said...

Your shower project turned out great! I am trying to get our before n after posts done as well. Happy new year!

Heaven's Walk said...

You are truly amazing, Sarah. I love how you have vision and stick to it until it is fulfilled. :) Your taste is just exquisite and so chic. You are creating such a beautiful home!

xoxo laurie


I am so happy for you, Sarah, your home is looking so lovely. It must bring you great joy after all the hard work.

Love the Tim Keller quote ... and the Good News of the Gospel.


Enola Gay said...

Dear Sarah;
I have quietly read your sweet blog for about a year and thought it was just another lovely spot to visit. However, when I read about your love for Epiphany and our Savior, I knew that I had met a Sister! I will admire from afar.

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