Monday 24 March 2014

Faded Florals In Soft Neutrals: Get The Look

All that looking at Cabbages and Roses book review loveliness got me thinking about the enormous versatility of lovely fabrics, particularly neutral faded florals, which, it has to be said, Cabbages and Roses does to perfection.

Somehow, they manage to overcome the whole faux-vintage horror that many shops fall prey to. Cabbages and Roses neatly sidestep any pretence, or any pretension by skilfully combining their gorgeous faded florals in a range of soft neutrals with a variety of backdrops - the modern, the country and the divinely Modern Country.

{This curtain fabric is Cabbages and Roses Alderney Grey.}
Don't be put off by these sumptuously-styled rooms, look how simple it is to Get The Look...

Clockwise from top: A girl can never have too many bags, right?! Particularly ones as lovely as these (in Tulips and Roses, Paris Rose and Hatley), which remind me of this posts about making your own Cabbages and Roses bucket bag; faded florals and washed-till-soft grain-sacks are a match made in heaven - use, as here, by flinging one over a scrubbed pine table for a feast fit for a princess; big wall clocks bring a definite charm to any room, and, when combined with these plump feather cushions in soft reds and gently greyed linen, you can knowingly relax in Modern Country Nirvana; making your own faded-floral-lined bag is easy-peasy but, if you're rushed off your feet then there's a whole range available from boutiques on Etsy; bring in a pop of cheerfulness to your neutrals with Farrow and Ball Pale Powder, Fired Earth Garden Folly; Little Greene Grace; Farrow and Ball Blazer

Here's one I made earlier!

Cabbages & Roses French Toile Aqua Kitchen Blinds

A simple blind can be tucked in at any window (this one is in Cabbages and Roses French Toile)...concealing an unwanted view.

Clockwise from top: Painted brick and a huge chandelier, over an iron roll-top bath in battleship grey, creates a calm, warm but firmly Modern Country vibe; a neutral greige palette of Little Greene French Grey, Fired Earth anvas, Farrow and Ball Elephant's Breath and Fired Earth Alabaster; beautifully-made roman blinds and soft, curtains that drape elegantly takes the eye away from this low, cottage ceiling...and can frame a heavenly view such as this verdant garden. 

I love the sparse, neutral simplicity of these official Cabbages and Roses images....these curtains are in New Penny....and this blind is in Burleigh Grey.

Using Neutral Faded Floral fabrics gives a sophisticated, time-worn ambinence to even the newest of rooms. Now...I wonder if the same can be said for the reds...shall we find out? 

On Wednesday, you say? 
{It's a date!]

Images via: Cabbages and Roses; Cabbages and Roses; MCS Moodboard 1: Pinterest, Un Soire Automne, Cabbages and Roses, Ana Cuca; Modern Country Style; Cabbages and Roses; MCS Moodboard 2: We Heart It, Eye For Design LFD, Cabbages and Roses, Cabbages and Roses; Cabbages and Roses; Cabbages and Roses

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ANNE said...

What lovely inspiration Sarah! I want everything!!!!!!!

Have a happy week xox

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Those rooms are lovely... I'm wondering if they wouldn't be more cheerful with a little red... Marking my calendar for next Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

What utterly divine rooms. The floral fabric additions just frame each room perfectly. The soft muted tones of the colour schemes are calm and peaceful and the rustic furniture, or beautifully carved french style pieces just complete the look, adding texture, depth and warmth. Gorgeous

Heaven's Walk said...

Sarah - I just want you to know how much I adore your designing posts! I love your prose, your photos, your tips, and your ideas! Thank you!!!!! :)

xoxo laurie

Unknown said...

These designs are very calming, and who wouldn't want to live here? Every detail is eye catching! Good job on sharing this inspiring post!
Patrick Tan

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