Wednesday 12 March 2014

The Best Front Door Paint Colours: Dusky Purples

Let's talk house fronts again. Finding the perfect exterior paint colours is sometimes tricky but your home's exterior speaks volumes about you so it's worth taking the time getting your house and garden to say the right thing!

Who hasn't been seduced by images like this, full of promise and loveliness? Gorgeous, dusky shades, complemented by chalky grey paint and Modern Country planting: 

mcalpine tankersley large scale service door

It can be easy to leave this kind of picture feeling down-hearted at the widening gulf between what you love and your reality, but if you'd like this look for yourself then, fear, not! With a little time and a little love, this look can be yours!

Barn doors

From gently-greyed lavender through to rich damson and darkest, moodiest plum, there's a perfect purple paint for everyone.

Purple front door paint

Before we start, one of the most important things to consider is the material your home is made from. Is it brick? Stone? Weather-boarding? Painted render? This should be your first port of call as it will affect how you carry this look out.

Secondly, ask yourself honestly about the visual impact that your home has. You see, carrying out this look on a modern new-build requires a very different procedure than on a converted warehouse, for example.

Keeping in mind these two pertinent pieces of information, let's get on to the exciting to Make It Yours!

Farrow and Ball Dusky front door colour

Clockwise from top: this aged brick house is set off beautifully by dusky grey paint on the doors and frames, allowing the drainpipe and rendered base to fade into the overall scheme...white hydrangeas and lavender, contrasted against smart clipped box, keep this home looking firmly Modern Country; pick out architectural details on your house front with matching materials, such as this zinc planter; if you don't like the part of your house's exterior, simply hide it with climbing plants that keep their leaves for most, if not all of the year; try a toning palette of Farrow and Ball Cabbage White, Farrow and Ball Calluna, Farrow and Ball Brassica, Little Greene Lead Colour; small touches in nickel, such as these beautiful French handles, keep this scheme from veering into drab in dingy winter months. 

Nickel Heart Door Knocker and door in Farrow and Ball French Gray.

See how adding details with silver metals, like chrome or nickel, lifts this door to another level?

Clockwise from top: If you live in a building like this incredible converted Country Church, then, frankly, you're in business! Although some paints might look more pleasing than others, the building itself carries such visual weight that the front door paint colour matters less; Feast your eyes on this Modern Country garden: soft lavender surrounds an old stone fountain, and is set off by peonies in soft pink and magenta; on a somewhat smaller scale, topiary box balls will bring a little bit of Modern to your Country House exterior; consider a country-inspired feminine palette of Farrow and Ball Pelt, Dulux Linnet, Farrow and Ball Purbeck Stone, Farrow and Ball Cinder Rose.

smart London entry front door paint

Painted render can carry pretty much any front door paint colour but these home owners have chosen a divinely muted grey-mauve. 

Clockwise from top: add character to a new build with Modern Country planting - soft layers of white and purple flowers, juxtaposed with evergreen topiary; a muted palette of Little Greene French Gray; Farrow and Ball Brassica; Ralph Lauren Nairobi Dusk; Sanderson Grey Squirrel; warm grey rattan baskets next to a boxwood topiary ball; this house could just as easily be a cleverly thought-out new-build as an old French stately home - don't be intimidated by the seeming inflexibility of a new-build...choose pretty, chalky mauves and greys, and add extra decorative touches such as lanterns and seating in high end'll be surprised what you can achieve.

Small Front Garden with buxus boxwood box hedges lavender railings

A gorgeous Modern Country front garden. Behind smart cast iron railings, four bay trees stand either side of a black and white encaustic tiled path, leading to a red brick double-fronted Victorian house. Behind them are small squares of lavender, bordered by buxus hedging.

Clockwise from top: you can add colour into predominantly brick houses but the hue of the bricks should determine the strength of colour you choose for your front door paint. Here, with creamy-brown bricks, the owners have gone with lilac paint for the door surround, with palest grey front door paint; consider introducing colour via planting, lavender is heavenly to brush against on a warm summer's day; for this look, try Little Greene Juniper Ash, Zoffany Sung Mauve, Fired Earth Sea Lavender, Fired Earth Gentian Violet; a beautiful Modern Country planting scheme with four clipped box hedges enclosing swathes of lavender, and boxwood balls nestled within each quadrant; red brick can often be too strong a colour to start competing with loud front door paints so consider a warm grey, and pick up the purple theme with rows of lavender leading to two half standard privets standing sentinel-like either side of your front door.

Lanterns and white/green planting

If the material that your house is built from feels unbearably over-bearing, then consider painting it white and choosing the front door colour of your dreams, here a washed-out dusky grey.

The best front door paint colours are more intense than you might expect, in order to take the strong daylight that they'll receive. These are my perfect exterior paint colours for front doors.

Best front door paint color colour

Choose one of these four perfect front door paint colours and, combined with the front garden schemes I've picked out that combine topiary and lavender, you'll be well on your way to your dream Modern Country Home!  

Images via: flickr, Vaucelleshof, Farrow and Ball, MCS Moodboard 1 (Via Revedeco, Pinterest, sbdigs, My Design Chic), Farrow and Ball, MCS Moodboard 2 (A Breath OF Fresh Air, Nicola Stocken, unknown), residential search, MCS Moodboard 3 (unknown, johner, unknown), Belderbos, MCS Moodboard 4((5thandstate, Greensandberries, Houzz, Fleaing France)), Tierlantijn, MCS Moodboard 5

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Kristine said...

Gorgeous and informative, thank you. I am loving your blog. I am also loving the paints I'm seeing all over the web from Little Green Paint Co. I wish I could see their proper website. Each time I try it detects I'm in the US and routes me to their US distributors...none of which carry their paints. Perhaps one day. :)

Shelly Wildman said...

I have absolutely LOVED this series, Sarah. I will be painting a couple of rooms this summer (I think), and I have a feeling I'll be referring back to these posts again and again. Thank you!


I think that painting a front door a very fun color, was slower to come to the States than Europe. It always makes me happy to see a front door that is intentionally happy or pretty or welcoming ...


Unknown said...

Oh I love your collages!! Such simply beauty in the color schemes and those wonderful doors and yards!! Love it all!

Suzanne Dyck said...

Surely the trick is to not skimp on the paint job. Some of this is really built upon vision and planning; a lot of it is in the craftsmanship. It would be best to pool in as much effort in pulling it off as possible, utilizing as much skill or help as we can to get wonderful results in the end.

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