Monday, 8 September 2014

Book Review: Vintage Wedding Flowers by Vic Brotherson

Welcome to a book review of Vintage Wedding Flowers by Vic Brotherson (published by Kyle books), one of the loveliest books I've read. 

{Sorry to be a temptress but I've included links to take you through to Amazon if you'd like to buy your own copy!}

When Vintage Wedding Flowers first arrived, my heart was nearly at palpitation levels. In fact, it may have crossed that line once or twice as I hyper-ventilated my way through the book. 

Each of the thick, crisp pages is jam-packed with description, written in easy, flowing text, as well as incredible photos (which are by Catherine Gratwicke) that leave you gasping for breath at their simple beauty. 

Vintage Wedding Flowers works well on two levels. Firstly, if I was getting married now, then it would be my first point of reference for the perfect Modern Country wedding. It covers ideas for table settings, headpieces, bouquets, table centre pieces, and button holes. 


However, with no wedding in sight, the second level is that it's flooded with fantastic ideas that would also work well in your home. Many of the flowers used can be grown in any garden with an English-type climate. 

You'll find roses, eucalyptus, larkspur, poppies, scabious, lilac,  hydrangeas and a whole variety of herbs.

If you are planning a wedding, this book is a serious must-have. It'll leave you frantically rearranging budgets to incorporate the Vintage Bouquet ideas for that special day.

However, if like me, your own wedding day has come and gone, and your children are no where near marrying age, Vintage Wedding Flowers will have you happily scrabbling in your own garden, full of ideas of how to plant with the Modern Country bouquet in mind.

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Justine said...

Amazing and inspiring book!
Have a lovely week:)

Carlos Green said...
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Carlos Green said...

The Wedding bouquet represents fertility and is to compliment the bridal gown. There are different styles of wedding bouquets and they carry in the manner of which is their creation.

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