Thursday, 18 December 2014

Book Review: Giftwrapped by Jane Means

I'm a late developer when it comes to the art of gift-wrapping. Yes, I was always wowed if I received presents that were exquisitely presented but it's only in the passed few years that I've realised how achievable it is, with a little thought and a well-stocked craft cupboard, to add significant zhush to your bestowing. And that's why, just in time for that Christmas wrapping bonanza, today's post is a book review of Giftwrapped: Practical and Inventive Ideas for All Occasions and Celebrations by Jane Means.

Jane Means is a wrapping guru extraordinaire. She raises the presentation bar by a few hundred feet but somehow manages to convey her obvious talent in a way that is both inspiring and encouraging.

Published by Jacqui Small, Giftwrapped takes you through the whole range of packaging problems (bottles, clothes, circular tins)...with fantastic and gorgeous solutions.

Jane means teaches gift-wrapping (as well as selling an enormous range of want-it-now ribbons and papers) for a living, and her skill at demonstrating a variety of techniques (bow-tying, pleating, bouquet-encasing) shines throughout the book.

You'll be relieved to know that Giftwrapped is not a plea to spend hundreds of pounds on fancy extras...plenty of the ideas here are free...for example, adding little sprigs of rosemary to your ribbons. These little touches, alongside your new-found wrapping prowess will make you feel like Modern Country crafting royalty!

Covering everything from baby shower presents to making the perfect labels, Giftwrapped has the power (with a little help from you!) to transform so-so offerings to breathtaking beauties.

{Get your copy of Giftwrapped by Jane Means here.}

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Unknown said...

What pretty gifts!! Who would want to even open them!! I especially like the brown kraft paper and the green accents ! Happy day to you my friend. I posted about my son's "modern home decor,,,check it out!

Teresa said...

This is awesome.
I can't read about gift wraping without thinking and smiling with the gift wraping scene at Love Actually with Rowan Atkinson ahahah
I love that scene and the wonderful package that (a frazzled) Alan Rickman takes home.
Wishing you Happy Holidays for you, your family and lovely home,

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