Tuesday, 2 December 2014

New Vintage: The Homemade Home by Tahn Scoon: Book Review

This book is an absolute Modern Country Interiors gem! I'm so thrilled to be able to review it on here!! New Vintage: The Homemade Home by Tahn Scoon has the subtitle: Beautiful Interiors and How-To Projects. The title, although an entirely acurate description, doesn't quite do justice to the wonder of this book.

You see, New Vintage takes you into another world; a world full of beauty and creativity, where you really do start to believe that it might just be possible to make sure that everything in your home is both useful and beautiful.

The reference to Vintage in the title should not be misunderstood as referring to Granny Chic, or anything of the sort. Oh no, no, no! New Vintage is all about understated restraint. A very cool mix of Old and New. Modern Country Interiors abound.

The How-To projects are both extraordinarily doable and extremely desirable: a little simple reupholstery here, a little burnishing of wood there...add a crystal knob or two, and you're away!

But if there had to be just one thing that I had to pick out of New Vintage as it's unique selling point, it's just that! It's unique! I've not seen anything quite like it. Lots of warm wood, a slight Scandinavian slant, a touch of French elegance and a lot of Tahn Scoon's incredible take on Modern Country Style.


Tahn Scoon says, "The book focuses on how to decorate yourself with inspirational interiors and hip how-to projects, such as how to make an upholstered bedhead and re-vamp vintage furniture. A home filled with beautifully crafted hand and homemade pieces is a home filled with warmth and soul. Be daring enough to fill your home with the things you love, the home-made, the handmade, the well-worn and the well-loved - and boldly combine them with the clean sensibilities of the new - and you'll have a home that is truly beautiful and absolutely you."


See what I mean?
Tahn Scoon's book New Vintage offers Modern Country Interiors at their best!
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