Thursday, 17 December 2015

New Decorating Ideas For Christmas: Hanging Wreaths At Windows

This year, Christmas is feeling a little bit different for me. You know that this year, we've moved to a gorgeous Georgian gem and that means newness! Getting out our Christmas decorations means deciding all over again where to hang each and every one. I've decided to embrace this as a Good Thing.... 

boxwood wreaths hung on cabinets:

Det blir en naturlig jul i år. Självklart ska det extra noga utvalda pyntet fram, men den här gången vill familjen ha det mer vilsamt. En jul med inslag av naturfärger är minst lika härlig som en röd!:

Now, usually I am an ardent stickler of traditions at Christmas but I've given myself free rein to try out...shock, ideas! 

Giftbox Topiaries (great inexpensive idea!) {is that Debbie Doosenburry's cool shop before she close it in Kansas??}:

Wish I had windows like that to look out through from my |

One of the ideas I love is the hanging of wreaths at windows. Our new home has, joy of joys, large sashes. Yes, they're draughty, yes, they're noisy but, oh boy, are they the apple of my style-eye!

Potted Christmas Trees Make Every Room Festive | The Stir:


And they're just perfect for a little spot of wreath-hanging.

window idea:

Christmas cottage~

I'm off this afternoon to choose the perfect wreaths so, in the spirit of trying to get myself to embrace the new at Christmas, here are my window-wreath-round-up (trying saying that three times fast!).

southern living southern living southern living:

And what about you? How are you at trying out new ideas at Christmas? Are you like me, who cringes at the thought of seasonal changes? Or are you the kind of style whizz who likes a new look each year?

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Anonymous said...

Lovely collection of pics, as always. I always feel inspired after reading your posts.

Unknown said...

Yey! Draughty sashes! Wouldn't change mine for the world. Makes me chuckle ( inwardly of course) when I hear of people buying old houses and installing UPVC only to end up with damp problems. Old houses need draughts

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