Tuesday 8 December 2015

The Top Ten Christmas Gardens!

I'm here to beg you:
Don't neglect the garden at Christmas time!!
Make your very own Modern Country Christmas Garden!

There's so much opportunity on even the smallest scale, to get creative. In fact, it's all the better if your hard work is fully visible from your warm, cosy house. Imagine looking out of your kitchen window at one of these frosty, festive scenes...

 Here are ten of the very best Christmas gardens...

Deck the halls - decorate your home this #Christmas with #johnlewis:

Even though it's #winter, create a colorful and cozy atmosphere with lanterns and faux fur throws. #outdoor #decor:

looks like a real gingerbread house if I ever did see one:

.http://www.pinterest.com/Seventeen/ginas-picks-everything-pretty/ #17magazine:

Outdoor Christmas Garden Inspiration ♥ Kerst Tuin Inspiratie #Fonteyn:

it snow .. let it snow .. let it snow, I want to do this but I think everyone would just end up in the house :):

Much more appealing than a big glitzy door:

Zita Elze's beautiful florist shop in Kew -December 2012 - via www.flowerona.com:

Rustic Christmas in the Country - Karin Lidbeck:

Garden shed at Christmas:

Aren't they gorgeous?
I hope you're feeling thoroughly inspired to get out there and make your own space into a Modern Country Christmas Garden!

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Unknown said...

Oh my goodness. These are lovely. Thank you.

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