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50 INCREDIBLE Modern Country Attic Bathrooms

There are so many attic bathrooms that I see that are just a bit...meh. You know the sort I mean. There are so many humdrum, bog-standard loft conversions that you come away feeling 'seen one, seen 'em all'. But let me tell you , my Modern Country loving friends, you have not seen them all! Not by a long shot. Today, I've picked out 50 of my all-time favourite Modern Country attic bathrooms. Stunners, every single one.

modern country style attic shower

Attic bathroom Modern Country

 Modern Country shower room

Attic bathroom

Attic bathroom

Attic bathroom with exposed chimney breast

Attic bathroom gorgeous beams

Greige subway, skylight attic bathroom

Period style attic bathroom

attic bathroom with beams!

Some of these are from loft conversions, some are rooms up in the eaves. We have a top floor that is in the roofline but that still has attic above it  so is not a loft conversion per se but still has the benefit of those quirky ceilings and exposed beams.

New England style attic bathroom

 marble attic bathroom

country attic bathroom

Dashing bathroom with slanted ceiling and skylight

Creative blend of textures in the modern bath

White Attic Bathroom

How gorgeous is this attic bathroom!

Quirky attic bathroom

 Contemporary attic bathroom

 Tiled attic bathroom

So this post is kind of a selfish one! I'm thinking ahead, dreaming of the day when we can renovate the bathroom on the top floor and drawing inspiration a-gogo from these stunning spaces.

White Attic-space Bathroom with Boat Bath and Nautical Theme

Huge attic space with bathroom

Country Bathroom with Polished Floorboards and Freestanding Bath

-floor, vanity...Neptune Bathrooms


Interiors by Anton & K

 Contemporary classic attic bathroom

 Vaulted ceiling attic bathroom

Attic family bathroom in a small space, with Osborne & Little Derwant koi carp gold fish wallpaper, Downpipe by Farrow & Ball cabinet, brass taps, metro tiles, gold and grey

William Holland Copper bath, beautifully set against a natural slate interior…

You'll see that one of the big issues to deal with is good lighting. when we updated the loft space conversion in our last home, one of the best moves we made was to replace the existing poky windows with large light-capturing windows from the VELUX roof windows shop. Excellent levels of light can completely transform a space, and prevent that closed-in feel.

 Stunning attic bathroom

Spacious and bright attic bathroom with soaking tub

Leopoldina Haynes attic bathroom

 Gorgeous Modern Country attic bathroom

The ensuite bathroom is positioned in the eaves above the kitchen and features original wooden beams. found the copper bath on Ebay for a fraction of what it should cost. The wall is painted in Farrow & Ball’s Down Pipe and the tiles are a mix of marble from Fired Earth, laid in a herringbone pattern, and patterned from Surface Tiles

Gorgeous attic bathroom

Luxurious traditional bedroom with sofa and bath

 Modern Country attic bathroom

 Modern Country attic bathroom

Smart Attic Bathroom with Picture Window and Sofa

Another top tip is to warm things up as much as you can. Loft conversions have a tendency to feel sterile and commercial unless your super careful,  Make the very most of quirky features to add chatacter and add cosiness through fabric, natural materials, and your own special style (Modern Country bathroom style, natch!!).

 Wood cladding in attic bathroom

Gorgeous attic bathroom with wood ceiling and brick floor

Attic bathrom with solid oak flooring, medieval oak A frames, toilet, large washbasin, illuminated vanity mirror and a traditional cast iron roll top bath.

attic shower/bathroom inspiration, love the light and color in the shower

dormer loft conversion project in South West London. Open-plan master bedroom suite flooded with light.

Airy Attic Bathroom

small attic bathroom decoration

 Modern Country Attic Bathroom

Attic bathroom

Gorgeous attic bathroom

In client projects, I often recommend trying to use the old beams taken down elsewhere in a loft conversion to add extra  age and texture to the attic bathrooms. Never mind if the builders look at you as though you're mad, follow this adivce and you'll soon be wallowing in your own glorious, private Modern Country attic bathroom sanctuary.

Take care till next time,

Images via Ideal Home, unknown, Modern Country Style, arkpad, unknown, diy network, hooked on houses, housetohome, Paul Massey, canalblog, bhg, Houzz, Smith And Vansent, Little England and Co, Tyrell and Laing, Victoria and Albert, unknown, Carla Aston, unknown, comfy dwelling, room edit, black tomato, the room edit, neptune, lina 83150, Anton and K, omfy dwelling, comfy dwelling, Grazia, William Holland, comfy dwelling, decoist, leopoldina haynes, houzz, daily mail, the little monastery, the room edit, mr and mrs interior, polly eltes, the room edit, comfy dwelling, decoist, sugar loaf barn, Decozilla, Residence Style, Fix My Tweet, Renewal Design Build, minnie peters desgn, Ideal Home, decoist

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Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

My attic bathroom might still fall in the "meh" category as it's unfinished and a work in progress, but I can already tick a few good points: roof window opening on the garden and the fields, a beam giving the room character and the original wood floor... Now, I still have a lot to do there, so your inspiration pictures really got my mind whirling...

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john said...

Wow these are amazing bathrooms. Here are some shower curtains that you might like.

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