Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Stunning English Cottage Tour!!!

For aaaages I've separately obsessed over two of the rooms in this post: the kitchen and the bathroom....then, today, I realised that they were part of one very gorgeous English cottage renovation project! It's the house that won Period Living's Readers' Choice Award back in 2011. But, as with all great decorating, it's really stood the test of time. Time for a house tour? You betcha!!

This sweet cottage has undergone a complete renovation but you wouldn't know it....

...all the fixtures and fittings have been given such consideration that they look utterly in keeping with the fabric of the house.

Limed oak flooring and woodwork in Neptune's Honed Slate work together to create a striking kitchen.

white and wood kitchen with retro cooker

The owner had surviving original parts of the skirting boards and picture rails copied to keep the look authentic. I've found that choosing good quality replacements always pays off. 

I love how they've chosen apparently disjointed furnishings; nothing seems to match, yet they all work together beautifully. 

Stripping back old plasterwork to reveal stone or brick always creates a wow factor - and for very little money (just a lot of dust!!).

 Bare brick fireplace!

The whole house apparently only took £45k, which is an incredible achievement.

shower room in cottage bedroom

It was the kitchen and this bathroom (below) that originally captured my Modern Country Style heart! 

The bath is painted in Farrow and Ball's French Gray.

 Gorgeous roll top bath bath in Farrow and Ball French Gray

We have a bathroom up on our top floor that has a sloping ceiling like this gorgeous specimen.

And, in the interest of looking ahead to that renovation, I'm putting together a post featuring 50 of the very best attic bathrooms. Coming soon!

via Period Living

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Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Lovely home! I really like the dining area and the paited chairs. The brick wall really adds charm. My bathroom is under the roof as well, so I'll be waiting for your next post!

Harriet Taylor-Yardley said...

Beautiful house. I love all the natural light flooding the kitchen.

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