Wednesday 24 August 2011

Summer Loving Link Party....It's Here!!

Hey there, butterflies.
Today, I'm a-calling for all 
Summer Loving 
out there.

Come and link up so we can all feel the Summer Love.

Shall I go first?
Me? Oh, go on then.
Just for you....

Since reading Jane Packer's excellent book, 
At Home with Flowers
I've been on the eye, 
looking out for flower-holders 
of the more unusual kind.

{Speaking of fabulous books, 
I've got a stonkingly cool giveaway 
coming up next week.}

I've had this pair of demi-johns 
sitting by the fireplace 
in our front room for a while. 
And they seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

I love the touch of industrial chic they bring, 
but at the same time softened by the beautiful roses,
 plucked fresh from the garden.

This is Modern Country Summer.
Best of new. Best of old.

Now it's YOUR turn!
Let's get this Linky Party on the road, shall we?
{It'll stay open for one week.}

 Here are two things I'd love you to do:

1) Follow Modern Country Style 
if you like what you see here.

2) Link back to me in your post 
so other people can come and find the partaaaay.

Then everyone who comes over to Modern Country Style from other blogs who've linked back 
will be able to see a link and picture from your blog, 
and they can come and visit your fabulousness.

Not rules, exactly...but I'm hopeful. ;-) 

Next up on Modern Country Style:
completely delicious 
Dining Room loveliness...

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Travel With Lulu said...

I hope I did this right - it was for any summery post, right? I linked our summer trip to Provence - serious summer loving :) Thank you for hosting! XOL

Anonymous said...

I'm a new blogger and was so excited for this part'ae. Thank you for the open invite to be involved. I am following all the ones entered so far. They are beautiful.

Unknown said...

Lovely. This link party made me really think-thanks so much :)

Unknown said...

love a chance to celebrate summer!

your flowers are tres chic btw! hugs,xxx

Dawna said...

Big Oops Sarah...I posted 3 times!! something went wrong when I was trying to link up,,,,so if you are able to please delete 2 of my entries!! YIKES Looking forward to seeing all the summer lovin entries.
Have a great day and thanks for hosting the party!!

Connie in Hartwood said...

The roses in your photos instantly caught my attention ... you knew they would. Tell us, darling, which rose is this? I love the informal clusters of flowers.

I had an idea for a summery post all thought up, so I could play along and join the party ... and then we had a pesky earthquake yesterday, so I had to write about that instead. (All is fine here.) I will go visit everyone else now, and see what summery stuff they are sharing.

Anonymous said...

hi Sarah, your home is so pretty and your soft roses are a perfect match for those chunky glass jugs. Even though there is a widespread draught here, I'm still loving summertime. Thank you for the party today! xo, diane

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the fun party.

Love those demijohns filled with the rose spray- so simply yet so beautiful!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

I love summer! I always hate to see it go. The links all look super. Thanks for the fun!

At The Picket Fence said...

My roses here in the States are slowly coming to an end so I LOVE seeing yours! Fun party Sarah! Not quite ready for fall here, so I love seeing a few more summer posts. Hope it was okay that I linked up two summer recipes. :)Thanks for hosting the party!


Toni said...

Beautiful post. I am your newest follower. Thanks for hosting the party. Summer will be gone before we know it.

Unknown said...

Thanks for hosting Sarah. It felt like Fall here this morning, but the afternoon is shaping up to be a stormy summer one.

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Sarah, your roses look so pretty. Thank you for hosting this lovely party. I will be joining in the fun later today.
Here in southern California we have had a very cool and sunny summer but now it's beginning to get warmer. September is our warmest month.
Thanks again for hosting this lovely party.

Unknown said...

Are they the bottle you use for wine making (sorry hope that doesnt make me sound like an alcoholic lol- my dad used to make wine & they remind me of those bottles)

Town and Country Gals said...

just found your fun party and linked up. What a good idea! Your flowers are lovely, it's so hot here plants are not doing well!
I'm so ready for cooler weather!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Sarah! Your glass jugs are spot on for the roses. Brilliant :) I remember doing a post many moons ago on using unconventional containers for flowers. Love this! Off to take a look...

xxx ~M

Deborah said...

I cant bare to let go of summer yet sweet Sarah.
Its my favourite!
Love those blooms!
Love to you xo

Deborah xxoo


Hey there, Sarah, the hostess with the mostess. I must be tired, because I love coming to your parties and I can't think of a single summer thing. I'd best ponder a little longer.


Jenni said...

Hello Sarah!

Your party is off to a lovely start, and I can't wait to see what every one posts! I am so excited that you are keeping your party open for a whole week, because I just might be able to link up my porch in time! :)

Well, in any case, I am off to start visiting those who have already linked to your party! I hope you have a wonderful Thursday, and thank you for hosting such a fun party! :)


the fishermans cottage said...

Hi Sarah, beautiful Roses and love them in the wine jar, thanks for the great link party, I'm off to visit people didn't really get a chance yesterday :) x

Unknown said...

Hello my lovely, so sorry I am late! Love your flowers in the glass jugs, they look so cool...

Hope it's okay I linked to my summer party even though it was meant to be more outside, with lots of rain threatening, the decor moved indoors ;)

Gotta love the British summertime!


michelle said...

These are beautiful! I love the jugs and your pretty roses.
Thanks for hosting such a fabulous party!

All About Vignettes said...

Hello again Sarah,

Thanks for hosting again. I participated in your kitchen party and now I'm sharing my screened porch fix up. It was a leaky moldy spot before I completely revamped it. Check it out. I'm # 31.


lisaroy said...

Your flowers look so simple and pretty.
I linked to one of the days of our Med cruise when we stopped in Nice, France. So hard to choose as summer is my favourite season xo

Magali @ The Little White House said...

The glass of the jar is so beautiful... so thick the light plays beautifully with it.

Privet and Holly said...

Love your
never heard
that term,
before! What
a fun party and
I can't wait
to see what's
been posted,
you hostess-with-
xx Suzanne

My Dream Canvas said...

What a great party. Love the jar and the flowers. Looking fwd to seeing you at My Dream Canvas.

Anonymous said...

So these are demi-john's? I had no idea! This is a great party, since I love summer so much! Thanks for hosting, Marcia

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