Tuesday 23 August 2011

Summer Loving Week Part 2......

Welcome to Summer Loving Part 2.....Fashion.

For English summer fashion, 
it has to be layers. 

Boots: Clarks, Jeans: Next, Blouse: Dotty P, Belt: H and M, Necklace: Mr Modern Country

Sometimes a hot day will turn cool, 
or a warm day will suddenly get a bit of a nip in the air.
Stripping off or layering up is an essential life skill here.

Pashminas are my best friend.
{Apart from you, of course.}

Pashminas and little cardies.
Perfect for layering up.
And neither of which I'm wearing here.
{I see trouble ahead.....}

Most English summer days are mild.
And warm.

We do usually get a couple of hot weeks 
{when we all complain dreadfully about how hot it is}.
And we usually get some days of rain
...but I like to think we need those to keep the garden 
fresh and lush.

More Summer Loving soul-soothing in the garden tomorrow.....

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Shelly Wildman said...

Can't wait, Sarah! I'll be linking up!

Unknown said...

Lovely! I'm hoping to have my little girl's room ready. Fingers crossed that the last things go in today.

JStacie said...

Love the shirt! Can't wait to see all the link-ups!

Deborah said...

Cutie pie!!!! :)
Love your outfit, and it looks great with those boots!!
Awesome Sweet Sarah!

Deborah xoxo

michelle said...

Well hello to you pretty girl! I love your outfit, especially those yummy boots!
Enjoy your day!!

Pamela Gordon said...

Cute pictures! I love pashminas and sweaters (don't you call them jumpers??). I find most stores or offices have ac and for me it's just too cold so I have to have something on my shoulders and/or arms. I'm getting my post ready. Pamela in Canada

Anonymous said...

you're so cute :) summer in your part of the world sounds SO different than summer along the TX gulf coast. As my late grandmother use to say, it's hotter than blazes. looking forward to the fun tomorrow ~ Diane

le@third said...

have you had your hair cut shorter?? loving those white jeans - too cool for school :) le xox

chris said...

Oh, you gorgeous thing. It's fun to see you in your garden. Perfect for summer!

Elaine said...

Cute summer style.

Got my post all set.

Travel With Lulu said...

I definitely need to buy more sweaters/jumpers for the weather here :) Looks like you found yourself a sunny day! Will be back tomorrow, sweetie :) XOL

Magali @ The Little White House said...

Sorry to be that late... i had some middle of the renovation Internet connection problems... But I'm with you on the layer idea... We have the same kind of summer here so I always have a cardigan or scarf on hand... as well as something with a hood if I go somewhere located more than 5 minutes away from home, just in case!

WobiSobi said...

I love your boot collection. you are too cute!! and the white jeans~ perfect.

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