Friday, 14 June 2013

Amazing wall art: Modern Country Loves

You know how we talking about wall art making a house a home
I have fallen for these framed antique microscope slides in a big way.

It can be hard to find suitable pieces that appeal as much to the man of the house as to the laydee.  However, these microscope slides, with their delicate blend of science and art, seem to cross every T and dot every I on that tricksome front.

The pictures, by Hannah Brown Interiors, were featured in the Guardian last week as part of a feature about Father's Day gift ideas and I'm thinking they'd be just perfect for Mr Modern Country.

I clicked through on the link to find a whole host of treasures on the Hannah Brown Interiors website.... hello retail therapy!

My all-time favourite being these gorgeous blown quails eggs, enclosed in a weathered timber frame.

Perfectly masculine but also perfectly beautiful.  

These pieces are original, beautiful and steeped in natural history. Could there be a better answer to the His/Her conundrum? I can't imagine anything more exquisitely Modern Country on my walls.

All images via Hannah Brown Interiors

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Unknown said...

Oh my word Sarah, I totally LURVE those framed quails eggs!!! Perfection in a frame xx

Erin S. said...

Hi Sarah! I love these. The microscope slides are so cool looking, and I have a thing for the color of quail eggs...It's nice to stop by. Sorry I'm such a long-lost friend :).

Anonymous said...

These are the most totally perfect things ever! I love their slight antique-feel, as if they belong in a library in an old country house. Perfect to mix things up modern-country style!

Unknown said...

Love these finds! I am working on a wall in our new house that is a bit of a photo /wall art challenge. Thanks for some ideas!

rusty duck said...

Those quail eggs are superb, what a find!


How fun to find something so creative and different.

The microscope slides, though, bring back bad memories of biology lab in college. I was great at the text and testing and horrid in the lab.


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