Monday, 5 August 2013

Colour Study: Dulux Heritage Stone Green

Let's take a look at our brand new shower room, shall we?
First up for close inspection is our paint's time for a Modern Country Style Colour Study! The paint colour we chose is Dulux Stone Green from their Trade Heritage range.

Their Heritage range is perfect for adding character to new spaces. Dulux Trade colours are a dream to work with and are thoroughly hard-wearing so I was thrilled that Stone Green was one of those colours that grabbed me as soon as I saw it out and about. I summoned up courage to ask the colour and, behold, here it is in all its glory!

Remember that the more sunlight a room receives, the greener the paint will look and the less sunlight the room receives, the bluer the room will look. Our shower room is North-facing so brings out the bluey-greyishness of this gorgeous hue.

Dulux Heritage Stone Green is a perfect grey with green undertones. Soft and gentle throughout the day, as well as when the sun goes down.

There's a huge amount of white in our new shower-room (as you will soon see!) from our gorgeous new wall and floor tiles. I wanted a good contrast with all that paleness and Dulux Heritage Stone Green provides exactly that with its mid-tone loveliness.

Stone Green is definitely in the grey category but is beautifully warm and enveloping, because it very subtly veers towards taupey-green, which makes it just right for the soft feeling of luxury that I want for our new shower room.

Dulux Heritage Stone Green appears consistently grey even under different lighting conditions but the green undertones do vary slightly. Take a look at these next images to see what I mean...

First of all, here's our room in the morning on a fair day....

The sun's out {hurrah!}...see how Stone Green becomes much warmer...

An overcast afternoon...

Night draws in...this is where Dulux Heritage Stone Green looks greyest.

If you're a fan of muted, gently-greyed paint colours then you've struck gold here at Modern Country Style! Have a look at my other colour studies:

I think Dulux Heritage Stone Green may just be my favourite grey-green of all time.  Soft, sophisticated and full of character and warmth....I'm loving the Modern Country Style of our brand new room! 

All images: mine

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Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Beautiful! I like how the grey-green changes throughout the day light to evening hours...I think the night time is my favorite, although the morning (on a fair day) is pretty too.
and the tile... I just love. Pat

Nicole Countrysider said...

Gorgeous colour! I would love that in my kitchen!

Dawna Motz said...

Ok .... Love the paint color, but you are just teasing us with show us a wee bit of the tiles and paint.... Can't wait to see the whole room!

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Olga said...

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Sarah Leach said...

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