Friday, 13 September 2013

Book Review: Casual Living by Judith Wilson

Casual Livingby Judith Wilson (and published by Ryland, Peters and Small) is an outstanding book. I feel it is a personal quest of mine to find the Holy Grail of Modern Country Interior Design books. It is not an easy task.... potential new Grails are continually vying for top position.....but I take my assigned task very seriously, with the gravitas such a mission deserves. 

Casual Living - Image 1

This heart-warming, humdinger of a book, however, has already stood the test of time. It was published way back in 2010 and STILL gets my Modern Country sausages sizzling.

I loved Casual Livingthen, back in 2010 and I love it even more I'd bet my last Rolo that it'll still be looking up-to-date in another five years.

Judith Wilson opens by explaining what she means by the term 'Casual Living', via 'Country Casual Style' and 'City Casual Style'....surely a not-so-subtle reference to Modern Country Style, if ever there was one....

The book then delves deliciously into the different elements that make up the ultimate Casual Living home, looking at colour choice, storage options, fabrics, lighting and extras; all beautifully presented and all beautifully explained.

Each part of the home is examined room by room in the third section of Casual Living.....

The text is brought to life by Judith Wilson's gift, apparent in all her books, of feeling like a gentle older sister, guiding and nudging you reassuringly.

Casual Living - Image 10

I think the trick of Casual Livingis to have pinned down a look that seems current but is actually timeless, making it perfect for a permanent place on my bookshelf. 


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Unknown said...

Love this book, it'll be going on my birthday wish list ~ thanks for sharing x

Veronica Roth said...

This is a beautiful book. I've just switched countries for a few months and left Oxfordshire for England. I bought so many books they just about banned me from BA and put me on some cargo But they have no idea how good I was because I left a lot of books at West Cottage. I'm just addicted to lovely books, aren't you?

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