Friday, 27 September 2013

How To Create An Ultra-Matt Finish Using Chalk Paint

Welcome to Part 2 of my Beginner's Guide To Chalk Paint. Autentico Chalk paint can easily be used to create a super-smooth, ultra-matt finish with no need to prime. Huzzah!

I'm including lots of How-To photos so you can be confident about repeating the steps in your own home.

Here's how easy it is...

I applied the gorgeously rich Nearly Black paint using a paintbrush. No priming needed but I did make sure I sanded the bare wood extra well to give a lovely smooth surface. 

I used a large paintbrush to cover the bulk of the surface and a little 'un to cut in around the edges. It gives the best and smoothest results if you apply the paint in long sweeping strokes. The paint looked pretty patchy when drying but each coat dries very fast and magically morphs into a thick, perfect finish!...

Nearly dry...


Once you have the paint coverage that you need (this needed two coats) then you have a choice of finishes, which I'll cover in more detail soon. For any surface that needs to be really hard wearing, such as a desk or tale top then I'd whole-heartedly recommend using sealant, rather than wax. Autentico's Sealant is water-based and gives the mattest finish that I've come across. Perfection in a tin!

However, as you apply it, don't panic if it looks a it like this... long as you use thinnish coats of sealant then it will dry clear and smooth and matt, matt, matt.

And that, my sweets, was as easy as 1,2,3...
Have a go, and tell me how you get on!

Our Modern Country Style Office is starting to take shape! 

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Tina said...

Hello lovely Sarah! Wow... I love the look of the black chalk paint! I have never used it, but you have convinced me that maybe it won't be so daunting! I can't wait to see your office area come together!! Enjoy your week ahead, sweet lady ~ Tina x

Anonymous said...

It certainly looks very good. I have an item I could try this on too!


You, my dear, are a great teacher ... and neighbor.


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