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Farrow and Ball Parma Gray: Colour Study

Remember this dresser from this Victorian conversion I shared a while back?
{As if you could forget...}
It's painted in Farrow and Ball's Parma Gray.

Farrow and Ball Parma Gray
Farrow and Ball Parma Gray dresser

Yes, once again, the English company have, in their wisdom,  chosen to spell their greys the American way....

If you're shying away from all the greys and neutrals that have been flying around then Farrow and Ball's Parma Gray, despite its name, is definitely a paint to consider.

Blue walls in Parma Gray by Farrow & Ball.
Farrow and Ball Parma Gray looking particularly blue!

Be aware that Parma Gray is one of the biggest culprits, in my opinion, for having images that don't do it justice - sure, they look pretty, but if you buy a tin of paint based on images like this front door....

Farrow and Ball parma grey
A misleading image of Farrow and Ball Parma Gray front door

...then you're going to be disappointed. The lighting of the camera has made the image distort a little. This is what you should expect with Farrow and Ball Parma Gray on a front door...

Farrow & Ball's Parma Grey
Farrow and Ball Parma Gray front door

It's listed in the blue spectrum by Farrow and Ball because in most lights, this shade most definitely shows up as a colour. Yes, it's gentle; yes, it's sophisticated. But don't go this route if it's a grey you're looking for.

Farrow and Ball Parma Gray
Soothink and elegant! - Farrow and Ball Parma Gray
And, if you can get your head around this idea, Farrow and Ball Parma Gray is a paint colour that gives the same feeling as a grey. I know that sounds odd but it gives the same elegant, restful vibe.

Farrow and Ball Parma Gray
Farrow and Ball Parma Gray coordinating with the table football!

The only way that Parma Gray will look grey is if there is very strong, white light that will drown out the blue tones: for example, halogen lighting....

Farrow and Ball Parma Gray
Farrow and Ball Parma Gray looking rather grey under the strong white light

...or from strong natural light that's still cool....

Farrow and Ball Parma Gray
Farrow and Ball Parma Gray looking greyer with the cool natural light
...or a large flat surface, such as a floor...

A floor painted in Farrow & Ball's Parma Gray and Cook's Blue Floor Paint with cupboard in Manor House Gray Estate Eggshell
Floor painted in Farrow and Ball Parma Gray and Cook's Blue - plus a cupboard in Farrow and Ball Manor House Grey

...but, otherwise, expect the blue notes to shine out...

Farrow and Ball Parma Gray
Farrow and Ball Parma Gray

...and to contrast beautifully with chalky whites...

Farrow and Ball Parma Gray
Gorgeous roll top bath in Farrow and Ball Parma Gray

I think my favourite way to use Farrow and Ball Parma Gray is on furniture...

Dresser paint color Parma gray by farrow & ball
Dresser in Farrow and Ball Parma Gray

...such as this stunning chest of drawers painted in Parma Gray with the backdrop of Farrow and Ball Hague Blue on the walls...

Farrow and Ball Parma Gray
Chest of drawers in Farrow and Ball Parma Gray

and specifically kitchen cabinets, where it contrasts stunningly with cooler white walls....

kitchen in Farrow and Ball Parma Gray
Farrow and Ball Parma Gray kitchen

{For information on my other Colour studies, click away...}

Farrow and Ball Parma Gray
Farrow and Ball Parma Gray kitchen

Farrow and Ball Parma Gray is a firm blue: soft without being twee, and gentle while still making a statement. A perfect Modern Country paint colour!

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rusty duck said...

Love this colour. We built a bookcase that covered a whole wall and painted it in Parma Gray. It holds its own against the multicoloured contents but doesn't shout so much it dominates the room. Perfect!

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Definitely a colour I'm considering. I've many of your pictures to my Parma Grey Pinterest board!

Unknown said...

That's a beautiful color. I love reading your color studies. I've been trying to find the perfect Farrow and Ball grey for a western facing bedroom with little natural light. My furnishings are an upholstered natural linen bed and side tables in a metallic silver lead finish and a dresser in the Cosmopolitan style that's champagne and silver. I also where a large painting of a tree with golden leaves, an a grey and beige damask rug. It's mostly a layer of neutrals but I don't want to go with a plain beige wall so I thought a grey might be an interesting option but these seem to have a strong green, lilac or blue undertones. I was thinking Elephants breath or skimming stone. I would really appreciate your expert opinion. Thank you!

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