Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Live Advent Windows Ideas!

Have you seen any Live Advent Windows in a street near you? Nor had I until this year when my gorgeous friend Claire told me that the road where they've moved to are doing one...

I LOVE this idea!!

Ideas For Live Advent Windows

Ideas For Live Advent Windows

Here's ten of the best windows I've found to give you a taster....

Ideas For Live Advent Windows

Ideas For Live Advent Windows

Basically, a live advent is where lots of residents in one street agree to be assigned a date each in December, and then, on their given day, they reveal one of their windows in full advent glory! 

Ideas For Live Advent Windows

Ideas For Live Advent Windows

This means that as December progresses, that particular street acts as an advent calendar....

Ideas For Live Advent Windows

Ideas For Live Advent Windows

I've left it far too late for this year but I thought next year I mught give it a go....

Isn't it the loveliest Christmas idea?!

Take Care Until Next Time,

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fourkidsmom said...

This is a great idea. Makes me wish I lived in a neighborhood. We live way out in the woods so no neighbors.

Claire Potter said...

Wow!They are classy classssssssy Advent windows! Mine is going to be a little more..erm...home-made! Love the newspaper parcels idea! xxx

Elaine said...

What a fantastic idea! Now, to get the neighbors onboard!

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Dona said...

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