Monday, 15 October 2018

Colour Study: Farrow and Ball De Nimes - The New Farrow and Ball Colour For 2018

As I hope you've registered by now, Farrow and Ball have introduced nine exclusive new paint colours for 2018! There are some fantastic tones in there and we've been looking at the low-down on the Modern Country Style favourite new Farrow and Ball paint colours. 

We've seen:
Sulking Room Pink: a soft Robin's Egg,
Treron: an uncertain creamy, stony grey.

Farrow & Ball De Nimes
Farrow and Ball De Nimes press shot

Today's offering is...
De Nimes

Farrow & Ball De Nimes
Farrow and Ball De Nimes Press Shot

Farrow and Ball say:
This quietly elegant blue feels wonderfully down to earth, so could be used on anything from a kitchen island to an airy drawing room. The exact shade is rooted in a regency palette but is inspired by the cloth of everyday workwear made in the French city Nîmes. Like denim, its blue hue is ultimately fashionable and yet always feels grounded.

Farrow & Ball De Nimes press shot
Farrow and Ball De Nimes press shot

And here is Farrow and Ball's promotional video...

Modern Country Style says...
Farrow and Ball De Nimes is reasonably true to its press shots. However, be aware that, in cooler lights, or North-facing rooms, it will read as a dark cool grey. I love its Air Force Blue feel, which contrasts wonderfully with white. This one's an absolute winner. A contemporary, more coloured take on Down Pipe but with less green.

Farrow & Ball De Nimes Sample

So let's take a look at what you should expect in your home. This fabulous trio of images from The Pool demonstrate how subtly Farrow and Ball De Nimes shifts in the light. 

Farrow & Ball De Nimes hallway

From deepest darkness in the top corners of this hallway....

Farrow & Ball De Nimes hallway

...through to a fairly mid-blue when drenched with warm, bleaching sunlight.

Farrow & Ball De Nimes hall

So do bear in mind that what will most definitely make a dramatic difference to your perception of this beautiful deepest-night-sky shade is your light levels. The brighter the light, whether sun or artificial light, the more coloured and paler Farrow and Ball De Nimes becomes. 

Farrow & Ball De Nimes
Paint and Paper Farrow and Ball De Nimes vignette 

Farrow and Ball De Nimes needs enough warm light to let its gorgeous blue notes be allowed to glow...

Farrow & Ball De Nimes hallway in sunlight
Give Farrow and Ball De Nimes the right space, as in this wall from The Constant Renovator, and watch it come alive...

And when I say coloured, I see this as a deep, deep blue. Yes, a very muted, dark blue but don't mistake this new paint colour for an off black. I think it would look stunning on wainscot panelling. Farrow and Ball's De Nimes is set to be another Modern Country classic, to be sure!

Farrow & Ball De Nimes in warm light
Warmth and depth emanate from De Nimes here in this shot from the workroommke

For more gorgeous Colour Studies, click below....!

Farrow and Ball Hardwick White, Plummet, Mole's Breath
Farrow and Ball Hardwick White, Plummet, Mole's Breath an De Nimes from Driftwood Homes

Which have been your favourites so far?

Take Care Until Next Time,

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Unknown said...

I have just ordered a sample pot of this to try in my dining room. I currently have Stiffkey Blue, although there is lots of light, it is just a little too intensely dark in the space. Will leave a comment after I try. I am also trying Blue Gray, and Cromarty. Thanks for your posts about Farrow Ball colours, they have definitely helped me over the past few years. Keep up the good work!

Susan said...

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Beaudor et Baron said...

With what off white it can be combined?
We use it for our shutters in the South of 🇫🇷,we tried Matchstick but thats to yellow😱

Merci en avance,Maria

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