Tuesday 20 July 2010

Another home-made snuggly cushion!

After being so pleased with how my snuggly cushion turned out, I turned my attention to the arms of the woollen cardigan. They are ribbed and, therefore, very stretchy. I had dismissed them initially until I realised just how sttrrrrreeeeetchy they were!

The look and feel of the lovely cream wool kept drawing me back and I realised there was easily enough wool to create another snuggly cushion. Yay!

Having already detached the sleeves from the body of the cardigan, the next step was to unpick the two, slightly triangular sides and then to tack them together to make straight sides. I used bright red cotton so I could see clearly where to sew.

Setting my sewing machine to a tight zig-zag stitch , I sewed along three of the sides, leaving the original hand hole as the open side.

I then measured how large I wanted my final cushion to be and made an inner to fit.

This is pretty easy to do.

Measure the final size of your cushion and cut two pieces of pale non-stretchy material (cotton works well) to these measurements plus a seam allowance (1.5 cm is good) all round. Sew these two pieces together to the desired finished dimensions, leaving an opening for the stuffing. Down or good quality synthetic stuffing are best to avoid a lumpy look.

Stuff the cushion, paying special attention to the corners and sides to get an even plump feel.

Sew up the opening by hand or machine (because the inner is hidden, the sewing doesn't have to be super-neat). Et voila! Your very own bespoke inner!

I carefully cut along, and slightly away from, the newly stitched lines of the knitted outer to create the finished cushion shape. The tight zig-zag should stop the knitting unravelling.

This is the cushion currently. When stretched the wiggly sides even out. (Yes, I worried about that too!).

Today is a day of pondering where to take it from here. Ideas welcome!

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