Tuesday 13 July 2010

Modern Country Bedroom: lighting

In the early days of choosing everything for our bedroom, I actually went as far as ordering a chandelier but it looked wrong, wrong, wrong. Far too fussy for the atticky loveliness that I wanted.

I hastily sent it back! What was I thinking?!

My second choice, much more appropriate for the Modern Country style look I wanted, was this:

A very simple oval, cream drum shade. We have it on a dimmer switch for different...ahem...bedroom moods!

My inspiration photo had this candlestick lamp for bedside reading:

I wanted the same style so, after much (very enjoyable) searching, I found a lovely mahogany version to match (but not too matchy-matchy) our mahogany sleigh bed.

I really like it's understated elegance. It's a good height, too, so casts a lovely glow.

My final light choice was for the other end of the room. This was one of those serendipitous finds that I didn't really know I was looking for......UNTIL I FOUND IT!

Light of my life, I love you!

It's a scrumptious lamp, in chrome and leather. It's beautifully articulated so can be angled any way you please. Pure lighting yumminess. It makes my heart sing when I see it.

And that, ladies and gentleman, is the lighting tour of our Modern Country Style bedroom!

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lovely*retro*house said...

Hi! I love the white drum shade...who makes it?

I also LOVE all the white and greys in your home. I've been toying with the idea of this sort of color scheme for a while...it's so nice to see someone pull it off so nicely!! Thanks for sharing pictures of your home!!! :-)

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

What a peaceful retreat. The colors are wonderful. And the storage !
- Joy

Cynthia said...

"Makes my heart sing every time I see it!" I believe this should be the rule for pretty much everything we have in our homes, if at all possible. Are you familiar with the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi? Looking at the photos of your beautiful home I can imagine it will reaonate with you............thanks for a beautiful and inspiring website.

Anonymous said...

where are your lamps from?? I love them! I have just painted a bedroom light blue and googled Light Blue F&B to find out which shade of white to paint above the picture rail and on the ceiling - I need something warm as it is a north facing room. Yours is lovely.

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

The bedside lamnp is John Lewis and the desk lamp is Laura Ashley.

We used Dulux White with Light BLue. NOT brilliant white (which fades to grey) as it fades slightly to cream.

I really like it!


Unknown said...

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Samuel said...

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