Monday, 19 July 2010

Beverley Hewitt mug....

At the Spring Country Living Fair earlier this year, I spotted this gorgeous mug from British ceramic designer, Beverley Hewitt. It's a biiiiig mug, perfect for large cups of sweet, milky tea, or to take lots of cream squirted on top of a steaming hot chocolate.

The shape of the mug, whilst being classic, feels original, rather than a rip-off of one of the better-known ceramicists.

The lettering is bold and clear (and, perhaps more importantly, hasn't faded in the dishwasher!). I especially like the 'LOVE' down the handle.

I'm really pleased with it! More of Beverley Hewitt's gorgeous designs can be found here.

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jim_greenan said...

I love mugs. I love brightly coloured, hand made, stripey/spotty/hearty/flowery/swirly patterned. slightly chunky mugs. And I like them even more when I discover one dead dead cheap in the likes of Poundstretchers or the 99p jumping out at me amongst all the ghastly ghastly mugs. Big buzz from that!

So this one is too plain to be doing it for me! And I suspect it was rather expensive.

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I like chunky mugs too. I used to like rainbowy mugs - and still do- but they just look a bit gaudy in our kitchen now that it's colours are more gentle. Something had to give and I'm afraid it was the mugs!

Brandi said...

ooh! i "love" your mug! it reminds me of white hot chocolate in the winter.

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