Friday, 23 July 2010

Natural beauty

What can be inside these enticing tissue-wrapped packages?

I bought these splendiferous candle holders in town the other day. It was the colour (or rather lack of it!) that caught my beady eye at first. They are a perfect washed-out sea-grey.

I find it's a very fine line between a beautiful weathered look (new or otherwise) and knocked-about nastiness passed off as 'distressed' for bringing in extra pennies. The latter are, in my opinion, to be avoided like the plague. The choice of material ensures these fall into the category of perfectly distressed.

Anyway, off my high horse (so easily climbed upon!!) and back to these objects of loveliness. When the candle is burning, the carved pattern on the sides casts its shadow on the walls. Very atmospheric indeedy!

They've even got little circles for the night light to sit in.

It almost makes me look forward to the evenings drawing in! Almost, but not quite.

I hope you have a lovely summer weekend, long dusky evenings, warm breeze in your hair and a glass of scrumptiousness in your hand. Enjoy. xx

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Amanda said...

Hello! I LOVE how your dining room looks and also love the new candle holders... When I finally get to live in a house of my own, I can't wait to decorate, and I will be taking tips from you! x

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Oooh, a new commenter!!
Thank you, my lovely.

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