Monday 3 October 2011

Cosying Up For Autumn

Hello, my love,

How was your weekend?

Can I just take a moment to say thank you so much for reading 
and for taking the time to leave such lovely comments. 
{It warms my heart, so it does.}

Can you believe that my Fall In Love link party is nearly here?
On Wednesday, you can come and link up all your gorgeous Autumn posts, 
from interiors and crafts, to fashion and gardens...
I want to see them all!

Let's take a look today at cosying up for Autumn, shall we?

 Here's what I love to do to fabulise our dining room.....
Just a few simple ideas that really bring autumn into every mealtime.

I like spreading the table with a gorgeous tablecloth, 
like this one from New House Textiles
It's made from a natural cotton/linen mix. 
Don't the deep cherry hearts look the picture of Modern Country?

Then I pile the table with my favourite lanterns and candles. 
The photos I've taken are when the light was beginning to fade.
And who doesn't love candles?

There is nothing that doesn't look prettier in candlelight.
Golden, mellowed and beautiful.

We had homemade sweet potato and parsnip soup for tea.
Delicious, if I may so.

And it was perfectly delicious from these big soup mugs.

There are some meals that just seem to sing 'autumn is here'.
And homemade soup is absolutely one of them.

Now, tell me...we're all dying to know....
what do YOU love to do to make your dining autumnified?

See you Wednesday, chickadee.

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Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Beautifully cozy, Sarah!

Unknown said...

Yesterday I was walking in the hills with the hubby and the dog ...
Here it is sunny and the temperature is mild ... we hope lasts a long time
I like your photos

Cuckoo said...

I do b*gger all to make our dining Autumnal. Maybe this year I'll manage to bring some autumnal elegance to the table but I doubt it. The kids are way too messy and the Mr doesn't care. Also the dining room has been turned into the "painting old furniture" room so we always eat in the kitchen.

I have turned the Aga on. Does that count?

You do make me want to lead a more beautiful life, I must try harder! Perhaps I could change the pale blue spotty oil cloth for a red spotty oilcloth....Oh I've just had an idea. I could make a patchwork of samples, like your cushion the other day but use the fabric to make a Lampshade cover for the lamp on the plate dresser next to the kitchen table. There. Yes, that's what I'll some point!

Coveting your china and spoons.


michelle said...

Gorgeous cozy warm photos my dear. I love soup in cooler weathers, it just warms my bones and my soul. :)
We actually had a fire in our fireplace this weekend and it was perfect.
Have a lovely day!!

Teresa said...

candles are the key to me and of course, wine<3 thanks for sharing your amazing ideas!!


Nat at Made in Home said...

Love the tablecloth... Been really bad with going through your updates, but I LOVE your wreath!! SO beautiful! I cannot wait to make one for Xmas now!

Deborah said...

Sarah....soup was especially made for autumn, don't you think? :)
I love those bowls and that tablecloth...oooh-la-la!
Pumpkins are a must for autumn the natural elements of acorns from off of our oak tree scattered here and there throughout.
The smell of mulled cider...and cozy throws speak autumn to me.
Hope your week is so extra-lovely my sweet friend!

Deborah xoxoxo

Erin S. said...

We have lots of soup in the Fall. I also have a few well loved tablecloths in Fall-ish colors that make me feel festive. Sometimes I bring a branch of changing leaves in and put it in a vase on the middle of my table. I love Fall!

Deborah said...

Your table cloth is so beautiful! love the mugs aswell, but then again I love everything you do and have!! have a brilliant week :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Ricki Treleaven said...

Sweet potato and parsnip soup served in those pretty (large) mugs sounds divine!!! Your dining room is so pretty in all the colors of autumn. I have not decorated my dining room yet. I need to get with the program this week and decorate my house for autumn!

Ricki Jill

Anna at the Doll House said...

Hello Sarah

Home-made soup on a chilly autumn evening is definitely food from the heart. So, I see why you have set a table with these gorgeous earthy-coloured soup cups on a cloth of cherry red hearts.

Candles are a must for me too and a sprinkling of big russet-coloured maple leaves.


Unknown said...

LOVE the table cloth. Just finished my "ode to fall" this morning. Ready for Wednesday :)

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

I love visiting here! You always have such beautiful designs and make everything looks so easy. I am in love with the linen table cloth, it is so wonderful.

I love a good soup on a Fall day, do post your recipe. I love trying new things.

Thanks, enjoy a wonderful day!


Elz @House Pour said...

I love your tablecloth! I always like to start things off for fall with a big ole WARM pot of chili. We eat chili at least once a week in the fall because I love it so much (Rob will eat it but he doesn't enjoy it)!

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Great post! I love how comforting the light from candles is!


Our family favorite is Autumn Chowder Soup and pumpkin muffins.

After almost 3 years at our little lake house with no room for a table . . . it is time to get out the tablecloths, napkins and candles. I will.


chris said...

Such yummy pictures. I adore your silvery candle sticks.

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

I am seriously in love with your tablecloth, Sarah. Gorgeous!

Michele said...

Fall is my favorite time of year! I love everything about it. The cooler weather, pumpkins, spice, and getting cozy under a blanket because there's a slight chill in the air. Lovely photos!

Travel With Lulu said...

Honest, honest, my daughter made your wreath with the help of her visiting grandmother. They were both thrilled with the results, now quickly becoming a family tradition, I would imagine. Thank you for the inspiration :) I'll send a photo soon :) XOLaura said...

Hi Miss Sarah, I would love to be a part of your Fall party. I'm going to email you my question about how to link up. Love the fall decor ideas. That tablecloth...gorgeous!

Duni said...

Hi there Sarah!
wow - your tablecloth really dresses up your dining table. It's gorgeous! Oh, and I'm a big fan of pottery. I'm loving those soup mugs :)

Christy Childers said...

I can hardly believe it's fall with all this sunny weather in England! But I think the extra days of sun are helping me feel more ready for Autumn, because we got a little extra bit of summer. Time to start decorating...

Almost Precious said...

Love the fall table setting, especially the beautiful candle holders. As the weather gets more of a chill to it those wonderful earthenware soup mugs will be a comfort to sip on and warm up cold hands around. I've been known to make a mug of hot tea, not so much to sip on but to warm my frozen fingers upon.

Unknown said...

So pretty! I'm inspired! Going to check out your link party now!


Lola said...

yeah, you should crop it! i really wouldn't know how to do that, but when you have a plan, then why not? :) but then you have to post the result here^^

love, lola

Tracy Glover said...

I'm glad you liked it! I thought it didn't go down that well. Eliska REALLY sulked when I put it on her tbh. She won't wear it. If you email me your address, I can send you it. It'd be nice if someone wore it. xxx

Luciane at said...

Beautiful post... lovely colors!

I love soup and nothing better than a bowl of warm soup to make you feel cozy and comfy! Craving some right now.

Have a great day!


Luciane at

Unknown said...

The table cloth is gorgeous! I love autumn, and what gorgeous autumn weather we are having! x

Entertaining Women said...

Sarah, I'm so glad that you stopped by for a visit. Your Modern Country dining room is lovely. I'm just pulling out some cozy things of my own this morning. I've invited the Garden Friends for homemade soup for lunch tomorrow. Thank you for the follow, and I'm following you, too. Cherry Kay

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah! What a lovely post! All FalliefieD! :) I love to make homemade soup and cornbread!
Thanks for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Holly said...

Hi Sarah! I see you're still making things pretty and taking gorgeous photos of it! It does look wonderfully cozy.

Unknown said...

I love the teacups Sarah beautiful deep autumn colours & the candle sticks are lovely.
The boutique should be live by 21st October its been a lot of hard work but we are almost there I cannot wait xx

Anne said...

ooh, gorgeous colors!! I love that tablecloth and the contrast of the white background... fall like, but still fresh and bright! I've just started changing my house to fall colors... changed the mantle from aqua glass vases to copper, the blue side table cover to cream and khaki... nothing much else yet.

michele said...

our dining room is in a sorry state at the moment. no time for decorating except a vase of raspberry hydrangea from the garden!


count it all joy said...

Sarah, what a warm and lovely table! We're in the opposite season here in Sydney, so we're galloping into Spring with high hopes, throwing off the ugg boots and winter wraps with abandon. I spent yesterday down at Palm Beach watching my Goofballs play in the sand and waves making sandcastles and throwing seaweed at each other. Bliss after a cold winter! Your table and talk of soup however makes me yearn for Autumn:) Meredy xo

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,

Another lovely blog, and as the weather is about to change it feels very apt! I'm such a fan of autumnal colours and really like the soup bowls and the table cloth colours.

It has given me some really good ideas. In fact, as I live in a flat on a bit of a budget these things are really hard to do I shall have to think of ideas for tiny houses and tight budgets!

I'm sure there's a way of bringing the pretty modern country style to a flat...I've put my thinking cap on...

I think I want to go and make some soup now...with plenty of pepper...

Lizzy x

Anonymous said...

I was so excited about the link party I obviously logged on way too early! hehe!

Also, if you wouldn't mind Sarah, are there any blogs you could suggest to me to follow?

I'd really love to build up a bit more of a network to make friends etc - Also do you have any advice for this novice bloggerino...?

Only if you have the time inbetween fallifying your house and link partaying!

Lizzy x

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely head over heels for this table cloth. Oh my! Looks like block printing. LOVE love love it. <3 -diane

Unknown said...

I love your chunky candle holders. I used mercury glass votive holders and bowl on my kitchen buffet for Fall, and would love to find a tall pair like yours.

Michelle Lee said...

love it!

Bizzy Mum said...

I so love your style! I'm about to embark on decorating an extension so will be using your blog for inspiration. as for what I do to make things Autumnal, I'm ashamed to say I don't. I'm struggling with the basics! I love your photography too- so need to improve that on my blog! Have added you to my reader :)

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