Friday, 28 October 2011

Farrow and Ball Giveaway

Yes, it's here! The wait is over.

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Farrow and Ball here at Modern Country Style. I've been effusing on Facebook about today's giveaway and FINALLY I can reveal all.

Here it is: the most awesome Farrow and Ball Giveaway I've ever seen.
Yes: E.V.E.R. S.E.E.N..

Up for grabs are thirty sample pots of Farrow and Ball paints to be divided between ten winners.
{So that's, um, three each. Yes, I am a maths genius.}

Plus one of those ten lucky winners will also receive 
5 litres of Farrow and Ball paint.
(The winner will be able to choose their colour 
after testing out their sample pots if they prefer.)

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is the following:

1) Head on over to Farrow and Ball then pop back here and let me know in the comments your choice of colours for the three sample pots.

2) Subscribe in some way to Modern Country Style.
(Google FriendConnect, email, RSS....all up there at the top of my sidebar)

3) For further entries, leave a link in the comments to where you have blogged about this giveaway or mentioned in on any social media site.

If you need further inspiration, then check out some of my Farrow and Ball Case Studies, which showcase some of their delicious colours in lots of different lighting conditions.

Farrow and Ball Blue Grey

Open to all subscribers in the UK or the US.
I'll announce the winners in two weeks time.

Good luck!!

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susan said...

OOo that's a great giveaway! Four weeks today we get the keys for our new house and I have being dreaming of colour charts! I would like to try 'Slipper Satin' (kids bedrooms), 'London Stone' (future ensuite) and just because I don't think I'd ever be brave enough 'Down Pipe'!!
Away to post about your blog and giveaway!

Jessica said...

I would pick Dayroom Yellow, Hound Lemon, and either Farrow's Cream or Tallow. Trying to pick a library color here.

Carol said...

I have been reluctant to paint a large bedroom/sitting room with String because I'm afraid it will be too yellow.
So my selections would be:
String (master bedroom)
Porphyry Pink (main bathroom woodwork)
Teresa's Green (second bedroom)

Unknown said...

Awesome giveaway, got some love for Canada?

Anonymous said...

This is amazing... I wrote about you on Facebook.... Im looking for colours for my Kitchen and was thinking Hardwick White 5, Vert De Terre 234 or my new love Mizzle 266. I love your blog about downpipe and love the colour but not enough light :( What a great giveaway!

Sara said...

Love it - Great Give away Sarah.

I would choose Calluna 207 Skylight 205 and Borrowed Light 235 - All contenders for my new Hallway. I saw an amazing article in Country Living that showed a room in Borrowed light and it was gorgeous with lots of natural light. Which we will have once the big skylight goes in.

I've linked up to your give away on my new blog.

Sara xxx

AuntieJeanne said...

I absolutely love Farrow and Ball! We have a FB showroom right here in Greenwich and it's one of my fave!! I'd love to try Pitch Blue, Parma Gray, and Rectory Red!

Katy O'Hara said...

My partner and I are moving in together and I'm dying to use Farrow and Ball once we move in. My three choices are Cabbage White, Blue Gray and Green Smoke

ANNE said...

Wow - such a generous giveaway! I choose Pigeon, French Gray and Blazer - yummy colours :)

ANNE said...

I follow you through Google Connect - love your blog to pieces!!

ANNE said...

& I tweeted your giveaway too

fourkidsmom said...

Great giveaway.

Cuckoo said...

Arsenic, down pipe (obv) and setting plaster would be my choice.

Can I just say that I have really enjoyed your SGTG series. Totally inspiring and also had sorted out what I should do with my hallway. I'm not loving it hos it is but all the furniture is dark so I didn't think I could have a beachy look (which I love) but you have shown me I can! Yay.


Mary Two Rick said...

I'd choose 236 Teresa's green, 84 green blue, and 22 light blue. Thanks.

Mary Two Rick said...

already subscribe via RSS. thanks.

Pamela said...

I love Cats Paw!

Pamela said...

I am a follower :)

Ralph said...

Pavillion gray #242, French gray #18, and Charleston gray #243

Sondra said...

I'd love to try Mizzle, Light Blue, and Skylight.

Sondra said...

I just started following you on FB.

Jacqueline Burns-Walters said...

I have been carrying the new F&B colour chart around with me for weeks now, and I look at it each night before I go to sleep. You can imagine my joy at seeing your givaway on the F&B facebook page.I have 3 rooms to decorate: office, library/guest room, and master bedbunker (half underground = tough).
I'd like to try: Brassica, Blackened, and Railings please.
I have subscribed by email, mentioned your blog on FB and Pinterest. Ta Luv!
Jacqueline Walters @

Eric R. said...

Great giveaway! I would love to try Down Pipe, Stony Ground and Card Room Green. I've subscribed and look forward to reading more of your posts.

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

I would love to try out F&B. Narrowing it to just 3 is really hard! How about Cornforth White, Dix Blue, Skimming Stone.

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

I am a follower :)

Bluebells and Lavender said...

I fell in love with Farrow and Ball paints a few years back and my new coffee table book Living with Colour is a real GEM! I've recently painted our dining room in French Grey, GORGEOUS and I would love to paint my stairwell in Matchstick 2013, my bedside cabinets in Pigeon no 25 and my bedroom walls in Blackened no 2011....Sublime!!!

Bluebells and Lavender said...

I've posted this on my blog:

Magali @ The Little White House said...

What? UK and US suscribers only? Are you sure you can't make an exception for a nearly English French girl? I would so need a sample of Wimborne White, Off White and Lime White to help me decide the future colour of my kitchen walls... Pretty please...

Anonymous said...

I would choose String (8), Pale Powder (204) and Wimborne White (239). We are going to paint our bedroom and it would be super to try out the colours.

I have subscribed by e-mail.

Anonymous said...

Anne Bostwick
I'd choose Pigeon, Card Room Green and Rectory Red.

Pretty at Heart said...

I am trying to decide what colour to paint my front door so pigeon, cooking apple green and light blue pleeeeese!
I already follow your blog and will click on the follow on facebook button right now!
Thank you

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

This IS an amazing giveaway, Sarah!!! I'd choose pigeon, citron, and cooking apple green.

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

I follow via Google Friend Connect :)

Anonymous said...

How exciting! I am desperate to try elephant's breath, mouse's back and setting plaster (even though my husband is convinced it will be too pink)! I already subscribe through bloglovin...

GoldenValley50 said...

I have the perfect business opportunity for you Miss Sarah! You should move to Australia and become the Farrow and Ball distributor/agent over here. I'm positive you would become a zillionaire before the age of 40!
Would love to get my hands on some of that F&B blue/grey to spruce up my wooden rocking chair. Maybe your contacts over there could tell me how I go about getting it here in OZ? Have a great weekend lovely Sarah (oh, and give some thought to that business proposition!!) ;)Sharyne

Unknown said...

Oh I have poured over those colors and I have chosen Old White , French Grey,and Cooking Apple Green. There were a lot more I liked also !

Unknown said...

I follow you on Google Freind Connect.

Kahli said...

Oh this is a great giveaway! It was so hard to pick just three colors but I would like to try. Arsenic, Babouche, and Lamp room gray.

Kahli said...

I follow you via google reader

Kahli said...

And I tweeted about it here!/designpardeux

Cassie Bustamante said...

what an awesome giveaway! i would love to try...
blue gray
luluth blue

Cassie Bustamante said...

and i am a follower! gfc baby!

Unknown said...

I love Farrow and Ball paint colors. I would choose String, White Tie and Down Pipe, although there are so many great colors with interesting names.

JStacie said...

Pointing, Middleton and Blue Ground would be beautiful. Thanks!

Laura said...

Love Love Love Farrow and Ball paints! Hard to narrow down to three colors!

Arabella said...

What a fabulous giveaway - I'm so excited!! Thank you for hosting.

I'd pick great white; skimming stone and cornforth them all. I've never used Farrow & Ball paints so hope I win, win, win!! :O)


Lisa said...

This is HARD!

Light Blue

Teresa's Green

White Tie

Lisa said...

I'm a follower - subscribed

Light Blue, Teresa's Green, White Tie

Lisa said...

I shared this on my FACEBOOK wall.

Light blue
Teresa's Green
White Tie


Jocelyn Roser-Hawkins said...

I would love to try Porphyry Pink, Plummett, and Smoked Trout in my dining room.

Great giveaway! I've mentioned it on my Facebook page. Definitely signing up to your news feed as a result!

Jane said...

Ooh, Sarah! What a delightful giveaway - thanks for arranging it. Hmm, I'd choose 'Lulworth blue', 'cook's blue' and 'stone blue'.

I'm a GFC follower. J x

Jane said...

I've just tweeted it at!/Jane_PlanetBaby/status/130226243818893312. J x

Anonymous said...

I'm a follower! I would choose Dove Tale, Lamp Room Gray, and Wimborne White

Anonymous said...

Just to say - I have just blogged about this giveaway on
and everyone is very excited!!!! x

Patricia said...

Wonderful chance to win 3 beauties ! Hard to choose just three , but I narrowed it down to : Archival, Fawn, and Lamp Room Gray ! Thanks for the chance to win, and I do already receive your posts via my e-mail. (And I enjoy them very much, Thank You !! )

Jo Ann said...

Wow - hard to pick! I think Pale Powder, Elephant Breathe and Stone White! Thanks for the chance!
I (subscribe by email)

Laura said...

Ok, I like Savage Ground, French Gray and Pigeon. Thanks for the giveaway!

Tania Pelletier said...

What a great giveaway! I would choose elephant's breath, all white, and off white!

Tania Pelletier said...

I follow you via RSS feed.


mmelber1 said...

I would love to try Slipper Satin, Stoney Ground and Lime White, all such beautiful neutrals. Thanks for the chance. Love your Blog!

Doda said...

OOOOOOh loverly!
I already follow you.
I'd pick manor house grey
vert de terre and cooks blue!
thanks for the chance xxx

Ricki Treleaven said...

What an amazing giveaway! :D

The colors are all so nice, but I love:

All White,
Middleton Pink, &
Great White

Anonymous said...

Just when I thought your blog couldn't get any better! I am currently on a mission to turn our new one bedroom flat in South London into a 'modern country' home.

We've painted the living room Cooking Apple Green (although a naughty colour match as couldn't stretch to f&b) which is incredible and next up is the bedroom and hallway. I would choose:

1. Oxford Stone
2. Blue Gray
3. Savage Ground

Take care,

Zoe (

PS. What on earth does one do with all their leftover f&b sample pots?!

MagpiesLaundry said...

oh, i love farrow and ball ... I'm totally addicted to their french grey, and have used lime white almost everywhere :)

I've shared this on my facebook and twitter ...!/MagpiesLaundry

If I were lucky enough to win, I'd go for:

- charlotte's locks
- blue ground
- brinjal

LeaDFW said...

I love:

French Gray
Pink Ground

I love your blog, and I'm happy to be subscriber!

Anonymous said...

Jo says....
Love your blog it's so inspirational and the F & B giveaway is fab.

My choices would be
1. Vert de Terre
2. French Gray
3. Ball Green

As you can see I like my greens.

I have posted a link to this page fro my facebook page

Unknown said...

Oooh what a great giveaway!

My choices would be:

Mouse's Back (40)
Babouche (223)
Down Pipe (26)

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend my dear!


Unknown said...

Posted on Facebook here:


Anonymous said...

Love your blog, especially the F&B 'Case Studies'!

Would love to try
~Elephant's Breath
~Blue Gray

Rachie @ A Chi Chi Affair said...

This is such a cool give away but it was so difficult to choose. Am going for Pigeon, french grey and clunch.

Thank you so much!
Rachie xo

Glynis said...

Sarah what a fabulous giveaway!
My F&B choices would be: Oxford Stone, Blue Gray and Mizzle.
I receive your posts via email.

Shelly Wildman said...

Savage Ground
Oxford stone
Hardwick white

What beautiful colors!

I subscribe to your blog.

Kathy said...

Awesome giveaway, Sarah! I'd love to try Farrow & Ball choices would be Pigeon, Blue Ground & French Gray. Still several rooms to paint in our new home!! I subscribe to your blog & also daily emails! Many thanks again for this great chance!

Anonymous said...

I'm drawn to Print Room Yellow, Ciara Yellow and Cat's Paw.

Anonymous said...

I already follow
on Goggle
on Facebook
and through email...

What beautiful colors....
Cornforth Blue for my kitchen table
Saxon Green for a cabinet refurbish
Cooks Blue in my boys room


Diane | An Extraordinary Day said...

Vert De Terre 234
French Gray 18
Elephant's Breath 229

These are my choices for the moment...I've only been in my house for 2 weeks and just getting used to the lighting, etc.

I loved seeing all the tips on color and was extremely helpful...the best yet!!!

Thank you!!!

Diane | An Extraordinary Day said...

I discovered you via Holly Mathis Interiors and now I'm a subscriber!!!!

Rusthawk said...

My choices (this was very difficult):

Saxon Green

I love so many of them!

Rusthawk said...

I am following you on GFC and I am one of your email subscribers (I love your late night emails, such a good time for me to settle down with the set of As Good As It Gets or to peruse your latest adventure) :)

Cheryl said...

They are such wonderful colors...I would choose
Down pipe
French grey

Cheryl said...

I follow your blog by e-mail and love it.

Susanna said...

Subscribing to you blog. Lots of fun posts. Thanks!!

Rusthawk said...

I posted on my facebook wall

Rusthawk said...

and I tweeted too!!/rusthawk/status/130900344979988480

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, after 83 comments I don't think I'm in with a shot, but as you have instilled in me the liking of Farrow & Balls paints I will submit anyway!

1. Rectory Red (For my Study...which I don't yet have)

2. Pavillion Blue (For my kitchen)

3. Cooking Apple Green (For my Lounge)

I am already subscribed of course!

And I shall be blogging about this giveaway in my next post today...

Lizzy x

p.s. This was worth entering just to look at the Farrow & Ball website!

D McCullough said...

I am also a great lover of Farrow & Ball. Amazing, amazing paint. I'm dying to try Mouse's Back, Setting Plaster, and Dead Salmon.

loveandlilac said...

I've just painted my sitting room with F&B in Cord (yummy colour) and now I am now itching to try more neutrals - Clunch, Shaded White, and Old White are potential shades for my planned bathroom makeover.

I've linked your fab giveaway to my latest post at:

(I'm already a follower but am going to join over at Facebook too xx)

Meera @ firstsense said...

**squeeeaaal** BEST GIVEAWAY EVER!! You have outdone yourself, sweet lady! This giveaway is beyond amazing! My 3 choices are French Gray (18), Blue Gray (91) and James White (2010).

Thank you for this gorgeous giveaway, sweetpea!

Meera xx

Meera @ firstsense said...

I follow you via RSS and GFC :-)

Cindy said...

Hello my friend,
I am so late to this party, but hopefully, not too late.
I love F & B's Matchstick #2013, Dimity #2008 & Plummet #2072.
I am a google friend and facebook friend.
Thanks so much for this opportunity.
Hugs, Cindy

Anonymous said...

Love all the colors
My three favorite would have to be
Lamp Room Gray #88
Dayroom yello #233
Great White #2006


Anonymous said...

I "liked" you on Facebook!


susan said...

Next can you do a case study on Cabbage White?!! Sx

Anonymous said...

Hello my dear one! I am *dying* about the FB giveaway! Is it possible to drop in my two comments? Again? I thought by now I wouldnt be phone-dependent, but now I know it's soon! ANYway 1) I would choose Pelt,Brinial & Yellow Ground for samples. My dining room will be aubergine&I LOVE pelt&brinial. Sigh... 2) I am an email subscriber&FBK follower. And email pest,heehee. Absolutely love you&Relics! If you can add me, wondrous! If not, I understand. And love&hugs-susan

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Hello Sarah,

I already follow you and will be linking a post tomorrow.

I like great white, cabbage white and I have not decided on the third yet.

Have a great night.

Meera @ firstsense said...

I've added a button for this giveaway on my sidebar =>

Meera @ firstsense said...

And shared it on facebook here -


Mandy said...

Wow! I have never commented before, but I love your site and I love farrow and ball! We are currently doing a major refurb so the colours i would choose are borrowed light, pale powder and light blue - party because I love what you have done with that colour.

Fingers crossed. x

sell wow account said...

that is really nice:)

MaryB said...

OK You have persuaded me to comment! You are a brilliant and inspiring girl Sarah - thanks for all the sunny posts you write! We're f.i.n.a.l.l.y decorating our kitchen and I'd love to try: New White or White Tie or Pointing.
Keep blogging my dear you have great talent.
Mary xxx

Holly said...

I would Loveeeeeeeee White Tie, Farrow's Cream, and Cord! I subscribe via google reader. Thanks for the chance!

Brandi said...

Great giveaway Sarah! I would love to try either Cat's Paw or Churlish Green.

Brandi said...

I am a happy follower!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...


Here is a link

to the post I wrote about your give away as well as the Farrow and Ball Book. Have a great day! Elizabeth

Lorraine Stanhope said...

What a fab giveaway - Farrow & Ball paints are just lovely! It's so hard to pick 3 colours.... decisions decisions!!

I think I would have to go with French Gray - I have some old chairs that are in need of a renovation project and this would be perfect for the job!

Secondly, Pink Ground. My youngest is 18 months & her nursery is all neutral. I keep thinking I must get round to decorating her room & this colour is just gorgeous!

And lastly... Mizzle. I'm not sure what I would use it for yet but I LOVE the colour. Green is my favourite and I'm hoping it would inspire me to start a new project somewhere!

Lorraine Stanhope said...

And now also following your lovely blog on GFC xxx

Mimi said...

Love F & B!!!
I would love to try Skylight,Lancaster Yelllow, and....Brinjal!

Susan G said...

All of my color choices come from here. :) I'm trying to decide on a bedroom color and have bookmarked several of your posts for ideas. So my choices would be blue grey, pigeon, and light blue.


kemo_2002 said...

i am following in google, the tester pots i would really like; all white, white tie & james white @kemo_2002

kemo_2002 said...

i hve posted a comment on faceook here :

Jo said...

I'm going to own my very first flat in the next month and I am very excited that it needs a complete makeover! My colours would be white tie (good tip!), parma gray and pale powder. Thank you!

Sandy A said...

Wonderful give away--so many beautiful colors to choose from. I would like to try French Grey, Eating Room Red, and Yellow Ground. All for different ideas and projects...

Sandy A said...

I follow you on Google...

Robyn Clarke said...

I'd love to try "plummet", "down pipe" and "manor house"

Robyn Clarke said...

Subscribed via email (robyn_logan)

Claire Trevor said...

Amazing giveaway! It's so hard to choose just three, but here they are: Pavilion blue, slipper satin and green ground.

Claire Trevor said...

Subscribed via GFC (Claire Trevor)

Claire Trevor said...

I have tweeted the giveaway as @claire_trevor!/claire_trevor/status/134056135765401600 said...

I/ have/ a/ business/ facebook/ page/ and/ use/ farrow/ and/ ball/ which/ my/ customers/ know/ about./ I/ love/ farrows/ cream,/ pitch/ black/ and/ downpipe/ but/ want/ to/ test/ some/ other/ colours.

folly/ greeen
picture/ gallery/ red


denise s said...

# Cinder Rose
246 for one of the bedrooms
# Teresa’s Green Teresa’s Green for the hall
and elephants breath not sure yet but love the colour and the name. This would be fab if our hose sale/purchase goes through fingers crossed

carrie said...

We are renovating our victorian house so this would be great. My choices are 22. light blue, 18. french gray, 91 blue gray

Grubby Cottage said...

I subscribe via email.

My Farrow & Ball colours are - Pale Powder, Vert de Terre, Pigeon


Lucy said...

lovely paints, please can I choose:
London Stone
Vert de Terre

Subscribe by email
nutmeg1980 at yahoo dot co dot uk

Unknown said...

Love those Farrow & Ball paints and would love to win enough to paint our kitchen! The color samples I would choose are:
1) Ball Green
2) Breakfast room green
3) Lichen
Thank you!

Betty Buchan said...

My fingers and toes are crossed hoping that I will be lucky! Just today I was pouring over the F&B colour charts. My three colours would be :

French Gray
Castle Gray

Anonymous said...

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Mike said...

Was the winner ever announced. I always love to hear who won.

Christcqb said...

Ok, I like Savage Ground, French Gray and Pigeon. Thanks for the giveaway!

ally said...

My dream colors are setting plaster, dimity, and borrowed light. I would love the chance to use any though. Thank you

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