Monday, 10 October 2011

Something's Gotta Give: Living Room


Welcome to 
Something's Gotta Give pure-joy-overload.
{Yes, that's its official title. No sniggers, please.}

Eye candy galore will be the name of the game.

Each post will take a look at a different room from the filmset of
 Something's Gotta Give, 
and then, at the end, we'll take a closer look at 

let's take our first delicious dive-in here:

Something's Gotta Give Living Room

Gorgeous, no?

Spacious, roomy and elegant.

I love this little area for a book nook. 

I can just imagine settling down there for an evening's reading, safe in the smug knowledge that I was sitting in the most beautiful house in the world...

Five different lamps allow the room's lighting to be 
changed dramatically at the flick of a switch.

The whites and the blues echo the seaside location without being overly gimmicky. I love that gentle nod to the coastal look.

Soft, squishy roomy sofas.....with perfectly fitting, white slip-covers.
Not even Jack Nicholson could resist their allure, I bet.


What's next, you ask? 
{My, but you're keen!}

......only the nicest kitchen in the WHOLE WIDE world....

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Carolyn@Sweet Chaos Home said...

This is one of my all-time favorite rooms!! And, so is the kitchen! I could look at this "eye candy" all day long :)

Ann said...

Oh I love that movie...

And that beach house is gorgeous

every room is lovely.

I've seen it several in other blogs but still I am in awe at how lovely each room looks. And I love your take on this house, oh if I could just duplicate it.

Susan T said...

I must admit when I first saw this film, some time ago now, I could feel my eyes and mind wandering from the action and plot to the home in the background, and wishing it could be mine. I wonder what it is about this particular set that is so universally loved and lusted after. Try and find someone on the planet that says NAH wouldn't want to live in a house like that. Perhaps it is just that it actually looks like a HOME with a capital H, inviting but stylish, casual yet smart. I can't wait to see your take on the look, does this mean I have to wait? I am not sure I like that idea.

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Gorgeous, yes!!! I am totally in love with this house!

Amy Chalmers said...

I love everything about that movie, including the set design!

Unknown said...

I never saw the movie, am I the only one? and, yikes what is wrong with me, I only quite like the room - I know, really, what is up with me!! - the carpet would really start to bug me after a while and it is all a bit 'safe' for my eye, but the proportions and space are amazing. Truly, I much prefer your belgian, slightly industrial look rooms. They shoulda let you style it, baby! Guess that is what is so fun about interiors, everyone likes something a bit different?

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

A. Mazing.

Jill said...

Lovely photos as always. I think choosing the right lights is most important - I am looking for new ones and still haven't found what I want! I can see a trip to France coming on

Unknown said...

I'm really going to have to take another look at that movie now that the interior is in my head. Must run. Naptime is apparently over.

Sylvia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
michele said...

and it was all movie sets! not a real house!


Anne said...

Love that book nook... walls of bookshelves and french windows makes any room fabulous!

Elaine said...

That was such a fun movie! And I was drooling over that entire house and the beach below. Fantastic!

Travel With Lulu said...

I do love the lighting, and it is so easy on the eyes with just white & blue. I think the designer for this film also did The Holiday - also two drool-worthy houses :) XoL

Anonymous said...

Oh my, that is lovely, but then, American houses do tend to be bigger and more spacious to allow for that sort of look - *sigh*

Looking forward to getting the tips on how to make a room look and feel like this :-)

Lizzy x

Anonymous said...

Oh, p.s. Who won the table cloth??

aflowerinameadow said...

love this house... and the film is great too :) x

bj said...

I don't think there's a person in the whole wide world that doesn't love this house.

Courtenay@Creek Line House said...

Gah! I love this house! I need more! mooooore I tell you!

Diann said...

This really is one of the most gorgeous living rooms! said...

Funny, I hardly even remember the movie, but I do remember that beautiful house.


Love the crying scene . . . and the living room.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! What a beautiful home they created. I could see myself there too. God bless x

Privet and Holly said...

Girlie, I own this
DVD just so I can
drool over this house
as many times as I want
to!!! So fun to see it
without having to rewind!
I'm in the process of
re-doing my main living
space and what fun it
would be to take inspiration
from this gorgeous house.
Looking forward to the
next installment!
xx Suzanne

A room with a view said...

Beautiful, welcoming, comfortable, love the reading nook and amazing windows. Perfect for entertaining or quiet time. Heavenly!

vosgesparis said...

Hey you... busy blogging bee... come over and join my giveaway page ;)

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

I LOVE that rug! I love that wall of french doors too.

Silène said...

Wonderful "house"...!!!
J'adore cette série de posts.
Merci de nous faire rêver.

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