Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Hello, Mr Postman....

There's nothing quite like getting a parcel in the post. The fact it's something I've bought myself is neither here nor there. A parcel is a parcel is parcel. (Who am I kidding?!)
I just love seeing this view when I open our inner doors:

I love to savour every moment of the opening....

Here's what arrived in the post for my collection today....

Two lovely books! Comfortable Country and French General Home Sewn. Aaaaah!

I'll pick one to show you today....

Home Sewn is a craft book but has lovely interiors too. It's by a shop of the same name (French General) in America who sell French-inspired interior fabulousness. The book has lots of great and quite original ideas. Original, not necessarily in terms of the basic premise, but in the choice of material, the intended use, or a twist in its make-up. For example, in the picture above, the roman blind (the standard part) is made from coarse hessian, designed to look like an antique flour-sack (the twist).

Here's another example of a project:

I've not yet made anything from the book so can't comment on the efficiency, or otherwise, of the patterns. They do come in a sweet little envelope in the book to save cutting them out laboriously.

The book is superbly presented and pure joy to look through. Plenty to keep me busy!

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