Thursday, 27 May 2010

Old House New Home

I love, love, love books. Craft books, gardening books, modern fiction, and interior design top my wish list. However, there is something especially special about Interior Design books that just calls to me (hear them calling now from Amazon "Buy me, buy me"...).

I feel I have a certain mission to track down the very best Modern Country book in the world....EVER. My own, personal Holy Grail! My mission, should I choose to accept it (Yes, please!!), is to find a book with the most gorgeous pictures, readable, informative text, good Source book at the back, and, of course, perfect Modern Country style.

I thought I'd share some of the contenders for the Holy Grail position here.

First up is Old House New Home: Stylish Modern Living in a Period Setting by Ros Byam Shaw.

I love Ros Byam Shaw. Her writing is always readable, relevant and inspiring. This particular book claims to help you 'show off the best features of a home built for another age, while adapting it for modern living'.

This book is for the coffee table so consequently has lovely large pictures. Perfect for showing up details in the many gorgeous homes featured.

It is divided into five sections: Period Piece, Urban Chic, Rustic, Recycled Spaces and Country House. Each of these has between four and six houses featured, as well as features on 'Furniture and Lighting' and 'Fabric and Finishing Touches'.

All features are excellent.

The areas picked out cover all aspects of Modern Country excellently - from the traditional cottage through to converted warehouses and penthouse luxury.

Now to the question on everyone's lips...Is it the Holy Grail?

*drum roll*! It is reeeeeally lovely but doesn't quite reach the exalted spot for me. Some of the houses featured are too grand to get any real inspiration from (antique kitchen, anybody?). Drooling, though?.....Oh yes!

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jim_greenan said...

I think you need to write your Modern country living decor book! Your attention to detail is astounding me!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Thanks (I think)!!

Anonymous said...

How about writing yor own book some day? -Sharing your excellent, and inspiring ideas, with a much wider audience. - Angela

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