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Book Review: Modern Country By Caroline Clifton-Mogg

How could I resist sharing this book review, with a title like Modern Country: Inspiring Interiors For Contemporary Country Living? And written by one of my favourite authors, Caroline Clifton-Mogg too. The answer is, of course, that I could not!

There's a bit of a twist to Modern Country, which is that all the images, perfect as they are, come from the archives of Cote Sud, Cote Est, Cote Ouest and Cote Paris, and Maison Francaise Magazine, which are owned by French Media group Cote Masion.

This French archive material gives the book a different feel from many of the interiors books of this kind currently lining on the shelves of my home.

For starters, many of the homes shared is a full tour, as it would be if you were reading the magazine, so we get to see how these homes work as a whole, rather than distinct parts. 

Modern Country by Caroline Clifton-Mogg

One of the things that I absolutely adore about Modern Country Style is that there are so many variations of the same look. I never tire of it and this book demonstrates why. Modern Country, as presented in this book, has a different take that is hard to completely pin down. It certainly leans, on the whole, to the contemporary side. And the country notes that are there are very rustic. The homes are from throughout Europe, which gives the images a slight continental twist.


The book is divided into four sections, all featuring delicious homes galore. The first looks at the appeal of different locations, from up in the mountains to down by the sea.


The next part looks at different architectural styles: new builds, barn conversions and country house renovations.

Modern Country book review by Fresh Design Blog

Then we comes to a whole section that examines the effect of different materials, whether stone, concrete, brick or plaster. The writing of Caroline Clifton-Mogg in these pages is particularly good, bringing the pictures fully to life.


The final chapters take one area at a time and show how to apply the Modern Country look in all its wonderful pared-back warmth.

All in all, Modern Country is a book that will develop and build on your existing tastes, stretching and pushing the boundaries of  the rustic contemporary look.

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