Thursday, 2 October 2014

Contemporary Country Garden Designed By Jinny Blom

How about this for a delicious Modern Country Garden?


Roses and lavender
Soft pink climbing roses and low lavender bushes framing a sweet wooden door

Modern Country Garden
Pleached hornbeam trees and a row of topiary domes

Modern Country Garden
Soft Country planting

Jinny Blom designed this stunning English Country garden with Modern twists from an utterly neglected plot in less than two years.

Modern Country Garden
Two topiary domes bring a touch of the Contemporary to this Country garden

Modern Country Garden
A Contemporary Country Garden

Just think of the Vintage Country Flower Bouquets you could pick from here. Armfuls and armfuls of beauties could adorn every room.

Modern Country Garden
White roses and topiary - a lovely Modern Country Style combination!

Modern Country Garden
White, pink and purple planting with tall topiary cones make this Modern Country garden sing!

The blend of soft Country planting - roses, lavender, geraniums to name but a few - and delicious formal Modern touch of topiary and pleached hornbeams make this the official home of Modern Country Garden nirvana!

Images via House and Garden

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Kirsty Girl said...

Sigh. Just looking at the photos is relaxing isn't it!?


I love popping in to the beautiful gardens you feature. Here in my rental apartment (which I love), the back garden is just rotten.


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