Sunday, 12 October 2014

Grow Your Own Modern Country Wedding Flowers

Welcome to the 
Modern Country Style Guide 
To Growing And Creating 
Your Own Vintage Wedding Flowers
So many couples are looking for ways to add a personal touch to their weddings; what better way than growing your own flowers for your own, or your children's weddings? 

And, as a huge bonus, growing your own wedding flowers is a hundred-fold cheaper than buying them from florists. 

Today, let's start right at the beginning by putting the spotlight on vases. We're going to take it very slowly by building up the look one post at a time so that you have time to play and consider what it is that you like.

Of course, if you have no significant wedding coming up, then these ideas would also work a treat for any special occasion so pull up a chair and let's dig in...

For the next couple of weeks, we'll be looking at easy and cheap ways to give your wedding that Modern Country feel. 
The focus will be keeping it 
and looking gorgeous.

I'm not a trained florist, I just know what I like! rest assured that when I say 'attainable' I really do mean it! Follow my simple instructions for your very own Modern Country wedding.

Your first step should be to take the time to build up your own collection of vases. These should NOT be bog-standard vases. No, this is your chance to think outside that dull box. Instead, use terracotta pots, old crockery, jugs, jam jars and vintage crates to give a deliciously rustic vibe. I'll be showing you some of my own favourites very soon.

So that's the Country part done and dusted. Now we need to add a touch of the Modern, no? My top tip is to choose a number of mercury glass bottles to lift the whole look. 

Before you all clutch your credit cards to your chests, have a look at these bargainous beauties from B&Q. The large size is £12 and the smaller is £8. The quality is incredible for the price; each bottle is slightly different and the mouths look hand-blown. If you shop around carefully (or ask someone who does!), you can save those extra pounds for your honeymoon, or for a deposit on your first home together!

Next up, we'll be working at putting together your first Modern Country arrangement together, so don't forget to follow along!

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Rammy Jones said...

This place is a very nice place for a wedding and worth looking into. While I didn't have my own wedding here, I've seen the vow renewal location in all its decked out glory. On a smaller scale, we had our prom there. This truly is a beautiful building with fabulous views.

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