Thursday, 23 October 2014

Comparre Zoella's flat with the apartment next door!

Guess what? I've found another identical apartment to Zoe Sugg's (YouTube's Zoella) old flat address in Brighton. It's been done up very differently, which just goes to show that you can have the best bones in the world but it's what you do with them that counts.

Let's compare Zoella's old apartment with this one, located next door in King's Gardens, Hove.....

From the outside, there's very little difference..

Kings Gardens Kings Gardens, Hove, BN3
Zoella's old flat on Brighton seafront

Zoella's old apartment flat in King's Gardens on Brighton seafront
The house next door, which was on the market for £635, 000

Here are the two living rooms. Don't forget that this is a mirror image of Zoella's apartment so the fireplace is on the other side.

Zoella's old living room
Zoella's living room in her old flat

Lounge Kings Gardens, Hove, BN3
The living room next door

The two balcony areas are very different. In Zoe Sugg's flat, the eaves areas have been closed up and cornicing has been added. Also, placing the desk to one side gives unfettered views of the balcony, and sea beyond, which is one of the main selling points of Zoella's apartment.

Zoella's office
Zoella's Office space

Dining Area Kings Gardens, Hove, BN3
In the flat next door, the balcony space is used for dining

In Zoella's old address, the living area is very large and open plan. In the flat next door, the dining area is changed to an impressive master bedroom. It is true that the bedrooms in Zoe Sugg's apartment are on the small side but I think that the enormous wow-factor of the living area makes up for that.

Zoella's old dining room
In Zoella's old flat, this is the dining room...

...but in the flat next door, this same area is the Master bedroom.

Here are the two floor plans so you can compare for yourself.

Zoella's old apartment's floorplan
The floor plan of Zoella's apartment flat

The floor plan of the flat with the next door adress to Zoella

I hope you've enjoyed these in depth home tours of Zoella's old flat. Which do you prefer? Zoe Sugg's apartment or the home next door? Both have a prestigious seafront address but a very different inside.

Images via Hamptons (Zoe Sugg's apartment) and Mouseprice (the flat next door)

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