Friday 24 October 2014

The Best Night's Sleep In A Modern Country Bedroom!

You can see from my previous posts on Zoella's flat, that it's the bits and pieces you choose to add that makes a house your home. And where better to begin that process, of cosifying your space, than your very own bedroom? A place of sanctuary from the busy world outside...or, indeed, from noisy chatter downstairs!

This weekend, with the clocks going back, I wanted to focus on creating a quiet, restful haven in our Modern Country bedroom. I absolutely adore our room but I find that bedrooms need regular tweaking to keep them fresh and sparkly.

Since these treasures have been in place I've been sleeping like a princess...and feeling like one too! 

Let me share my sleep-inducing finds with you! (I've included links so that you can check out the very same products yourself, if you'd like.)

First of all, I absolutely recommend replacing your pillows if they're a little on the tired side. My new one is John Lewis Siberian Goose Feather and Down.

Even the cotton casing is beautiful! But a beautiful pillow needs a beautiful pillow case and this one is a winner. 

It's made of pure silk, and, let me tell you, those rumours are true that if you sleep with a silk pillowcase then your bedhead days are hugely reduced. 

I want our bedroom to feel like a sleepy feast for the senses, and the next two items go a long way in that department. This candle by Neon smells incredible. 'Complete Bliss' by name, complete bliss by nature!

It's official description is 'Moroccan Blush Rose, Lime and Black Pepper...a fresh modern twist on rose'. And, seeing as rose is one of the first 'Country' scents I think of, this is surely the most Modern Country candle of them all!

Next, this Beauty Sleep Concentrate by Neal's Yards Remedy has become a much looked-forward to part of my sleeptime ritual. 

To me, it smells of lavender and patchouli and wood smoke and incense, and lures me to the land of dreams time and time again, whilst working its magic on my skin at the same time. Multi-tasking indeed!

My new cotton eye mask keeps out every last chink of light. It has a waffle pattern on the front, and the texture is mesmerising against the subtle lustre of the silk. My top tip is to avoid any hint of synthetic materials against your face. Sweaty is not a good look!

And last but not least, my new Newgate alarm clock! Have you ever seen a sweeter timepiece? It's like a little Alice In Wonderland clock. Has it drunk the Drink Me potion, I wonder!

It's called the Newgate Mini Bell (only 8cm high!) and is a complete bargain at £7.50.

So, this weekend, with a whole extra hour to indulge in refreshing, relaxing and rejuvenating shut-eye, what are your favourite steps for the perfect night's sleep?

Good night from one Modern Country Bedroom to another!

All image: Modern Country Style

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I am a very boring person when it comes to candles. Yours sounds delicious ... but anything floral gives me a head ache. My girls were happy when they got their own homes and could wear any perfume or burn any candle they wanted. :)

Happy almost November, dear neighbor.


Elaine said...

I think good sheets are essential. I have some very cozy flannel sheets that I bring out this time of year. They are heavenly!

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