Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Kitchen Favourites: Part Two

Hey there, cutie pie,

Welcome back to Kitchen Favourites Week.

Ooooh, I've been soooooooooo{breathe}ooooooooooo looking forward to sharing some of my favourite parts of our kitchen. 
And then seeing yours too.
{Remember the Kitchen Favourites linky party on Thursday? Button's on my sidebar...} 
The excitement is killing me.

Let's kick off the week properly by taking a 
further look at Kitchen Shelves shall we?

And instead of choosing images from an unspeakably perfect kitchen,
I thought I'd show you how *our* open kitchen shelves work for us.  

I love 'em.
Remember my first two thoughts about open shelving from last week?
If not, here's a reminder....

Consider glazed units.
    My last tidbit for you cherubs who long for open shelving 
    is to have things up there that you L:O:V:E.
    {Disclaimer: I know my new-found love of Rainbow Writing is in no way 
    Modern Country but sometimes a girl just can't help herself...}

    And I mean REALLY love. Love to look at, drool over, 
    want to gaze upon, are enamoured of, are enchanted by, delight in, 
    have affection for, think the world of, are fascinated with, 
    are captivated by, are crazy about, are enchanted with, 
    that you treasure, that are dear to your heart....

    Yeah, me and the thesaurus, we're like *this*, we are. 

    If you stick with displaying things that you use regularly and 

    love to drool over then this look is gorgeously practical.

    Oh, and one tip that I've found really works for me is this:
    when you're choosing which foodstuffs to display in jars,
    choose products where the WHOLE packet fits in the jar.
    Otherwise you end up with half the packet in the cupboard.
    Huuuuuge waste of storage space.

    So what do you lurrrrve in your kitchen? 

    I know, I'm getting ahead of myself.

    More importantly:

    Are you ready with your post for Thursday's Kitchen Favourites link party?
    Tell me, tell me.....

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    Sarah atRosePetals said...

    I love this LOVE your KITCHEN series! Speaking of love...I adore my open shelves where I only keep glassware. It's so bright and sparkles when the sun hits them. I also love that I took out the table and chairs. Now we have to all settle in the dining room. The kitchen is really the heart of the home and I love when everyone hangs around my island and talks.

    Can't wait to see everyone's favorite spots!
    Have a great day!!!!

    Unknown said...

    We have beams in our kitchen that act as sort of natural shelves! But I don't think we make the most of them...you got me thinking....see ya thursday! xx

    Anonymous said...

    Yep, this post confirms the theory of not saving the best to use for a special occasion. Be using it every day. I endorse the use of containers that fit the whole packet. Otherwise it's just annoying. These tips have all been great.


    Pamela Gordon said...

    Hi there, I really like your open shelving and the things displayed there. Our kitchen reno is almost done and I'd like to have a post done about it by Thursday but there are some things missing - like a dishwasher and over the range microwave. I may post pics anyway of the other parts. I did have one shelf installed over the window between 2 cabs for display. I can't wait to play with that area! See you soon! Pamela

    Behind Margery's Daw! said...

    I'm a lucky girly and have a WHOLE pantry of open shelving. I love it and sometimes just stand at the door looking in *sigh*. I'm just about to ditch some kitchen cupboards for more open shelving in my kitchen. These will house ALL of my cooking books (which I use ALL off the time ;-)) and my favorite china. I can't wait!!

    Anna at the Doll House said...

    Yours looks like a pretty perfect kitchen to me.


    Blondie's Journal said...

    Having things you use everyday helps keep them moving and the dust doesn't settle. You can always wipe down the shelves when your dishes are in use. Been there, done that!! I am totally loving all of your open shelves and the pretty treasures you have on them!


    elena nuez said...

    I looove your kitchen Sarah!

    It's me said...

    Yes !!!! is this your kitchen???...love it !!!...xxx...

    Unknown said...

    Ya know, I totally do the half a packet in the pretty jar that sits on the counter / half a packet in the cupboards thing! I know it's silly but it looks really pretty and I don't have a bigger container for it! hahaha!

    Your kitchen is so lovely, hope mine looks half as nice when it's done! xxx

    Comeca Jones said...

    I think it would be fun to share I can do a link back but I haven't mastered adding buttons yet:( If I can figure it out I'm all in!

    Meghan @ Wishful Thinking said...

    Oooohhh aaaahhhh! Open shelving I heart you! My kitchen is fairly crummy at the moment but it does have a sun-soaked window cill that manages to grow even the most suicidal of my plants!

    Debbie @ OtRD said...

    I'm loving your kitchen! Can't wait for your party tomorrow and just added your new button to my sidebar!!

    Calypso In The Country said...

    I love the open shelves. I wish I had some in my kitchen to break up all the plain cabinet doors! Thanks for noticing and commenting on my new blog header! So stressful changing those things! I think yours is beautiful and really fits your blog!
    Looking forward to seeing more kitchens!

    designchic said...

    Oh yes, I love open shelving and yours looks amazing, Sarah!! It does require a little more organizing, but well worth it!

    Jenni said...

    Your pictures of your kitchen are so pretty, Sarah! And I love your open shelving, too. :) I also really like your tip for storing things out in the open that you use on a daily basis, with your containers as an example. :)

    I am excited to see everyone's kitchens on Thursday! I hope you have a great day!


    the fishermans cottage said...

    I love your open shelves. This sounds fun, see you Thursday :) x

    Travel With Lulu said...

    I've always thought if we had open shelves, they would look messy. I like the idea of having a door to hide the clutter (I've been known to throw toys in the oven when guests are coming over as quick storage). But I do love your containers - very cute & tidy indeed. XOL

    beachcomber said...

    love your open shelving! stopping by from a beach cottage.
    cheryl x

    Michelle said...

    I love your open shelving, one day I shall have it too! And I did learn the hard way about products not fitting in their provided space *sigh* I have bigger jars now :)

    michele said...

    your gorgeous photography and engaging writing suck me right in, beautiful sarah.

    i am in the midst of a restyling at the moment so i still am not sure what i will post about my kitchen for yer party. it will even be a surprise to me!


    Privet and Holly said...

    Inspiration struck
    at spinning class,
    today, so YES, I may
    be ready! But can I
    link up Friday morning?
    Is that too late?
    Love your little niche!
    xx Suzanne

    Deborah said...

    Open shelving is G O R G E O U S!!!
    I love yours sweet Sarah...love your style!
    I originally wanted that when we we set to reno our kitchen but the company we we dealing with didnt return our calls after having visited them and talked about specific ideas. Disappointing, and hubby decided to go elsewhere.
    We chose shaker-style cupboards and love them! Never tire of them, and love the clean, simple look ...I think thats my kitchen fave in our home :)

    Deborah xoxo

    Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

    Your open shelving is to die for, Sarah. I love your glass containers, and your mugs look so beautiful all lined up. Love!

    Simple Home said...

    I so love the way you do open storage. What inspiration my friend!

    American in Bath said...

    The housemate and I both replaced the flour with 2 for 1 flour, in the same week. HUGE waste of storage space.

    Le said...

    love the shelves ... and a pantry with open shelves and a door to close for the borning stuff works a treat too - best le xox

    Sachiko said...

    I love love love those mugs! Thank you for sharing the beautiful picture!

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