Monday, 20 June 2011

Kitchen Favourites Link Party a-comin' up.....

Good weekend, peeps?

I've been the busiest bee in the entire world 
but I was determined to blog today, 
even if I had to scratch this post out with my eyeballs.

 I've been cooking you up a tasty little button for my
Kitchen Favourites link party this Thursday. 
Here, for your visual titillation, is the very button of which I speak:

Kitchen Favourites

I'm calling for your 'Kitchen Favourites'. 
Everyone has a favourite spot in their kitchen, 
or a favourite item, or a favourite feature. 
Or even something that you'd love in the future.
What is it and why? 
I want to know.

All you need to do if you'd like to join 
in the Kitchen Favourites party on Thursday 
is to copy the html section at the base of the button 
and paste that onto your blogpost. 
Your very own fancy-shmancy linked-in button magic.
{Don't say I'm not good to you, sweet cheeks.}

Now, I've had lots of email questions about link parties 
so for those of you who don't yet know the ultimate pleasure 
of a link party, this is how it goes:

To join in with the party on Thursday, you need to write a post on your blog about your Kitchen Favourites (more on that in a mo) and add in a bit about linking up to this party so that people reading your post can boogie on by here too. Come on over to Modern Country Style when Thursday's post goes up and follow the instructions to link up your post to the linky party. 

Then everyone who comes over from other blogs will be able to see a link and picture from your blog here on Modern Country Style so they can come and visit your fabulousness.

Link Parties are a great way to promote your blog, if you have one,
and get to know lots of other gorgeous blogs.
Feel free to email me any questions you have. 
You're TOTALLY on my guest list, y'see.
I'm in! You in?
Can you tell I'm super over- excited? 

Tomorrow, I'll be kicking this off for realz.
{I've always wanted to say that...I need help}

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michele said...

i am first! i am first. and i will be joining the party.

love to you.

for realz.


Behind Margery's Daw! said...

I'm in!!! I've already got a post on my blog about my favorite thing in my kitchen, so it's ready and waiting!!!

Foxglove and Columbine said...

I grabbed the button! Post to follow. What a great idea! ~Dana

Anonymous said...

sounds fun - maybe I'll get some wonderful inspiration (so needed!) Hope all the dads in your life had a marvelous father's day :)

Unknown said...

Yo homie! (See what I did there? I figured as you used 'for realz' and you rapped in your last post, I can pretend I'm part of your 'hood too!)

I am going to attempt to join in your little party despite my kitchen being totally not done yet! Because ya know, you asked all nice and stuff.

Thanks for scratchin' out a post not with your eyeballs cuz that just sounds painful.

Muchas smooches xxx

PS Your button is fly, yo.

Tonya said...

Ooooo, I'm in!! Fun, fun, fun!!! I love being nosey in other people's kitchens, and now I have GREAT reason to finish painting my kitchen cabinets...and getting the Man to finish installing the back-splash!!! I'll be there!! :)

Michele said...

I have a post that I'd love to link up. I also have some milk glass in my kitchen that I've been needing to write a post about that is perfect for this. For realz! Love it :)

Kirsty Girl said...

ahh i just adore that photo! :D

Jenni said...

Sarah, what a fun idea for a party! And you came up with a lovely button for it, too. :) How is your summer going so far? I hope your week is off to a great start! :)

Hugs to you,

Jill said...

Hi, I have set up the link, now all I have to do is remember to do it on Friday!! Brilliant idea.

Travel With Lulu said...

Great idea! Can't wait to read the link ups :) XOL

A Farmer's Wife said...

We are currently packing to move house. All my favourite things are in boxes and the kitchen is looking like a shambles. Can't come to this party, alas. Will still have a peek at the other links though!

bj said...

I'll be at your party...I LUV kitchen parties...:))

Privet and Holly said...

Not sure if I can
cook something up
in time, but it will
be fun to read all
the posts! For realz : )
xx Suzanne

Chookie said...

I am about to get a new kitchen, so this party is perfect for sharing what I'm up to!

Donna@anangloinquébec said...

Love, love a kitchen party!!
Certainly yours is a good spot for one! Yum...inspiration galore!

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