Friday, 19 July 2013

The most hideous shower room in the world?!

How's this for a decorating challenge? Hmmmm?

This is our upstairs bathroom before we moved in. {Awkward-to-stand-in-and-slightly-leaky shower included in the house-price.} Welcome to the first space in our house that we are seriously gutting and starting right over.

I have a brand new series a-coming your way! 
It's gonna be AWESOME!!

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Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

Oh dear...oh dear,dear,dear.....well it will be a challenge..good luck!!!!

Anonymous said...

I do see what you mean. I hope that I can gather some inspiration from you. My bathroom space is hideous, but functional. Top of the list as soon as the budget permits :) I know with your wonderful sense of style this little nook will make the best utilization of space and look brilliant all at the same time!


That slanted ceiling is surely a challenge.

New series ... yay.


Unknown said...

Welcome to reno world!! When the job is done you will sit back and give a huge happy sigh and be glad you took on the challenge!! I have got to get my reno pictures posted of this home,,,,it is rewarding no doubt!! We have been doing reno projects as long as we are married! In fact we call our grown kids,,,reno babies!! Good luck, will look forward to the before and after pics!

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