Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Can cats have puppy love?!

Our cat is pregnant! She has a gentleman friend who comes and meows outside our door. Our cat's ears prick up and she rushes out and they go and sit together in the garden.

I always thought that the Tom cat seizes his chosen lady and then is off to the next victim. Perhaps there is a shortage of willing females here!

See the love in their eyes?!

Isn't he a handsome cat?

But even he has to learn that no means no.....

Little kittens... I'm so excited!

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Anonymous said...

Obviously, in your earlier blog titled "cats", they were up to something! (as you wrote then) They look very happy together in this blog. Do give them my congratulatons on the expected happy event! Our cat had some kittens - it is a most delightful experience, both for the cat and the owners, although curtain-climbing has disadvantages! - Angela

Anonymous said...

Too funny, cats meeting up for their regular rendevouz. Cute as a button.

Lisa x

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