Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Modern Country Style Blog Love

Today, I want to show some blog love to Helen at http://busybeestudio.typepad.com/. This is the first blog that turned me from thinking blogs were just a waste of space to total and forever true love!! One look at this and I was sucked into the blogging vortex...

Here are a few photos from the BusyBee Studio blog to whet your appetite :

The first is of Helen's kitchen in her home (loving the Aga nook!)...

These next ones are of her holiday let (available to rent!)......

And here is a photo of a photoshoot in action. Jealous? Moi?!!

Helen runs a business up North called the Busybee Studio,which is also available online. It sells yummy vintage wares and handmade crafts.

Have a look! It carries the Modern Country Style seal of approval!

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1 comment :

Marlis said...

What a charming place. I do so like the clean lines. And the glittery believe on the aga nook is my favorite!!

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