Wednesday 23 June 2010

Modern Country Style: bedroom inspiration!

Okay....back to our bedroom renovation! Just as a reminder, here's a photo of how it was when we first saw it:

Not a pretty sight!

I first saw a picture of my inspiration bedroom (along with the bathroom from the same cottage, which I also covet!) in a book called Home Styling Sourcebook: Over 30 Period Contemporary, Country and Exotic Decorating Styles for your home by Lorrie Mack.

It was my awakening!

After drooling for a while, I looked in the back of the book for the picture credits the photographer is Brian Harrison and the Stylist is David Carden. I googled these names and found the pictures on a FAB site called Red Cover (where all these photos are from).

We've got a very similar mahogany sleigh bed so that was what caught my eye. I love the cool greeny-grey-blue colour on the tongue and groove, mixed with the pure white walls.

The room has a simple atticky feel, yet it also feels luxurious, with the imposing bed dressed sumptuously, ready to sink into.

This was the definite starting point of my inspiration for our Master bedroom. It was whilst researching this room that I first really engaged with Modern Country Style. The room has a lovely old wooden beam running across its width and one of the walls is sloping so I wanted to go with the attic feeling.

Watch this space.....

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Anonymous said...

Hurrah for old wooden beams I say.

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Yes, good 'bones' make it MUCH easier to decorate, I think.

jim_greenan said...

Ever looked at website Home Sweet Home tumblr? (type that in) - loads and loads of inspiring photos every day xxx

Anonymous said...

You should be so very proud of the "presto-chango" on your bedroom. It looks so warm and cozy. Makes me want to lie down with a good book or magazine. Thanks for your inspiration !

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