Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Aren't rainbows the most wonderful thing in the world?

I think they make the best decorating efforts ever look drab and dreary.

To have such profound beauty in the middle of dull grey skies is amazing.

There is nothing else that lifts my spirits quite as much.

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1 comment :

Cuckoo said...

Ten years ago, a few days after my birthday, a boy I was secretly in love with had a car crash and died. He aqua-planed in a rain storm. After his funeral I drove through the pouring rain (what were the odds?) to the crash site thinking "This was what he saw in his last minute" and I couldn't hold back the tears. I felt desolate. I said out loud oh please give me some sign that he is happy somewhere other than earth. I drove around the last bend before the place where he abruptly died and there was the most spectacular rainbow. A full rainbow, with a slightly less vibrant one above and a very faint one below. So three rainbows really. I know he is ok. Whenever I see a rainbow I say out loud "Ah, there you are Darren" My children think rainbows are called Darren and my husband even points and says "Say 'hello' to Darren".

They are special them there rainbows.


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